Do we need to be obsessed with ritualism?

Do we need to be obsessed with ritualism?
I have always said and maintained
that our birth is an accident. It is the accident of being born into a
particular family, to particular parents, following a particular faith.

On the basis of our accidental
birth, we are made to adopt a faith and taught rituals to follow to which we
start becoming obsessed.

We get so obsessed with ritualism
that we start imposing it on our children and our family too. Surely, we may be
doing it unknowingly, honestly assuming that we are trying to evoke and teach
the importance of devotion in them, generally our children, but what we don’t
realise is that we are forcing them to adopt the rituals almost blindly.

What we don’t realise while we do
this is that we are making them addicted to the ritualism, rather than making
them understand the real meaning of the faith that we want them to learn. We
are making our children fear the consequences of not performing a ritual,
rather than explaining them the real reason behind it. What we fail to
understand is that by doing so, our children would never be able to fathom the
real purpose of these rituals but would blindly follow them.

I have been confronted by many
hard core fundamentalists that they find reasoning in forcing their children to
compulsorily follow rituals. Though not really convinced by their
fundamentalist reasoning, the only good thing that I can think of by forcing
children to follow rituals is that we at least ensure that these rituals are
safely transmitted over the generations. It would give the parents the false
pride that what has been taught to them to blindly follow by their parents have
been handed over by them to their children to be transferred to their next

 What I would want to tell these people is that
by doing so, they are just transmitting hollow shells of well dramatized and choreographed
stage performances, one performance after another, without any meaning attached
to them and consequently absolutely no understanding of what it really means.

Why can’t we make our children
real devotees of a faith, a faith of love and brotherhood, rather than forcing
them to follow rituals?

Let us understand that if we are a devotee we would
go to a church, a temple or a mosque depending upon the faith we adopt, but if
we just go to a church, a temple or a mosque, it does not make us a devotee.

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