My expressions of Love

My expressions of Love
It’s an amazing year of valentine
for me this season as I complete the 20th year of togetherness, me
and my better half.

Twenty years is a pretty long
time and there had been several occasions and opportunities for me to express
my love for my wife. Believe me; I have done it in the craziest of ways. When
we say, driving one crazy in love, that’s literally what I have done.

Hey! There, it has not come
without warning signs. She had known of my wild persona before she said yes to
me and so it is like expecting the inevitable, every single time.
Of course, I am feeling a bit
jittery, flaunting all my secrets out here, but then 20 years was hell of a
journey, the roller coaster broke down many times, the downs were steep, but we
both held on and as we chug along this amazing journey, I am sure she would not
mind reading this post and reminiscing all the fun we had over the two decades.
The most amazing thing I have
ever done was on the day of our wedding. The wedding ring that I gave her, on
which she had expected my name to be there was engraved with the most endearing
nickname that she used to call me. She was so embarrassed to show the ring to
others, but I saved her the blues in the nick of time by getting out another
ring for the occasion. Of course, the nicknamed ring is her most treasured
personal possession till this date.

Yeah, it was one of those days in
the low of our personal lives, that I suddenly decided to buy her a guitar,
knowing that singling and music was her passion, which she could unfortunately
never pursue. As I saw the glitter and the tear drops in her eyes, I understood
how important it felt to her that I took an interest in her passion, even for
that day. How I had come to know of her childhood passion, is a closely guarded
secret till this day.
The day when I decided to wake
her up early morning, put her into the car, drove down for two hours, to her
absolute confusion, was also a crazy moment for us. I had told her that she
needed to trust me, and so there it was, as she sat in the car, I blindfolded
her. And I should respect her faith in me that she never insisted on removing
her blindfold for the entire journey of two hours. And when she eventually did,
she was amazed. It was the scene of our first date and I made sure that we sat
at the same table, ordered the same food that we ate that special day and I was
so thrilled to see her blushing the way she did on our first date.

Yeah! The crazy little fun box
that I gifted to her last Valentine is also something we both will savor for the
rest of our lives. The fun box had every little bit of our journey over the
years. It had the mementos that I have saved from our relationship, tiny little
things, but which had a deep meaning and remembrance value for us. They were some
movie ticket stubs, cookie fortunes, and some dried flowers, even hate you
post-its on the refrigerator doors, that we had written over a fit of rage. It
had all the emotions packed into a tiny little box which we still hold on to
our chests.

There are so many, the expressions keep changing but my emotions have and will always remain the same.


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