Let us learn to celebrate Holi festival in its true spirit

As we are into the festival of Holi, a festival celebrated with great
fun and fervor across our Country, I just hope that it helps to bring the
society together and strengthen the secular fabric of our country.
While celebrating this festival, let understand the true meaning and
significance of its celebration. Let us celebrate Holi not by just splashing
water and colours on one another, but by way of celebrating it with the colours
of unity and brotherhood. The true meaning of this festival will be realized only
if we use it as an opportunity to forget all difference and indulge in
unadulterated fun.
The true meaning of Holi is not to smear others’ faces with toxic
colours and paints, but to understand that we need to colour our hearts with
all the colours of the world so that there remains no distinction of case,
creed colour, race, status or sex.
We need to smear the colour of love on each other so that we break all
barriers of discrimination and we start looking at everyone as same and try to
reaffirm universal brotherhood.
We would be celebrating Holi in its true spirit, only if we reach out to
others with the colours of joy with love and forgiveness. With so much hatred
around the world in the name of religion, let us try to lift the veil of anger
and acrimony and reach out to each other.
Let us understand the true meaning of the colours. Understanding the
basic colours with which all others are made up would make us understand that
we just need to imbibe these basic tenets of all religions, and we would be
able to mix up with each other so easily.
Red which symbolizes
action, confidence, courage and vitality;
symbolizes life, nature, fertility and well-being:
symbolizes youth, spirituality, truth and peace.

If we practice
the real meaning of this festival, God will surely wet us with all the colours
in right proportion.
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