My memorable day of togetherness

My memorable day of togetherness
Togetherness is where the happiness lies. This is known to all, but
then its not everyone who gets this privilege and opportunity every time.
Our commitments, be it our
education, be it our profession and work, sometimes keep us away from being
with our families and our loved ones.
The day we get an opportunity
to spend valuable time together with our loved ones, it feels like bliss. No
amount of money is enough to buy this simple moments that we spend together
with our family.
My professional commitments
always used to keep me away from home for weeks and many months together. A
workaholic that I am, I was so engaged in my job that the climb in the ladder
of my career had totally blinded my responsibilities towards my family. As I
started living out of my suitcase, I began to take my family for granted.
Coming home late night after weeks of travel and sometimes leaving again early
morning the next day had almost become a regular norm.
My daughters, my princesses,
missed their dad and for them I slowly started becoming just another member in
the household. In my pursuit of gaining in my profession, I never realised that
I lost much more than I had bargained for. I was slowly losing my angels, my
three daughters.
Fortunately for me realisation
came fast and that was the day I quit my high flying job and walked out of the
office a proud man. It was the day, I decided that my accumulating bank balance
was not worth even to buy a little smile on my daughters’ faces.
I remember every moment of that
day, when I came home early to the surprise of my wife. As flabbergasted she
was as anyone would, as I broke the news, I didn’t have the courage to look
into her eyes seeking for an answer. Without even lifting my eyes to see her
reaction, I went to the room where my three princesses were studying. Never
having expected their Dad to be home at that hour, I could see the happiness in
their eyes and sense the anxiety in their hearts.
I can recollect each moment of
that incidence when I went up to them, pulled all of them towards me and hugged
them all together tightly. My daughters somehow never tried to resist though
such a behavior from their Dad was alien to them till then. I don’t remember
how long I held them close to my heart, but it seemed like hours that I cried
my heart out.
Finally, as the tears dried up,
I released them from my clutches but they weren’t moving. I saw that all three
were still clinging on to me. I gently kissed the head of each of them and for
once gathered the courage to look up for the first time. I saw my wife standing
at the door staring at me.
As I looked at her helplessly,
she came walking to me slowly, caressed my hair gently and just smiled. That
smile surely said a thousand words. It meant that she understood and respected
my decision.
The next one week was just
spent in bonding back with my daughters. Every single moment spent together
with them felt like having achieved a milestone for me. I hadn’t lost anything,
but that day, I gained a lot. I got back my princesses.
Today, almost more than a
decade since that fateful day in my life, my daughters are my life, and I am
their best friend and confidante. For this, I thank my stars for giving me the courage
and good sense to take the right decision that day.

Togetherness is bliss,
togetherness is heaven. We build a house and #together we make it a home so #lookup to

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