My yet another look up story of optimism

Stories can be woven around
anything. But then there are stories about real life incidents. These are the
stories which we recollect and remember again and again. These are the stories
which we look up to in optimism.
My look up story is actually the
story of my kids, my daughters, my beautiful princesses, my angels, and my
life. My story of optimism starts and ends with them.
Since the time I became an adult
and much before I decided to settle down in life in matrimony, something which
had always drawn my fascination were kids. Whether it was kids playing across
the street or the little urchin being carried by the beggar at the signal, I
could never resist myself from the temptation of fondling them.
Whenever I had thought of
children of my own, I had always fascinated by having beautiful and loving
daughters who would be with me to love me, care for me and look up to me for
inspiration. Call it destiny or may be the fruits of my earlier good deeds, I
was indeed blessed to be gifted not one, not two but three beautiful angels.
The wonderful time I had bringing
up my princesses is nothing short of fantasy but like every fairy tale which
needs to wind up, my little daughters slowly and steadily grew up. Before I
could even realise, today as I look at them, I can’t even imagine that they
have grown up to be adults and teenagers.
Whether it is my 23 year old
eldest daughter already into adulthood and today my best friend and confidante,
or my second daughter, on the verge of completing her teen-ship and ready to
join her elder sibling in adulthood in just a few days turning 18 or my
cherubic little one, standing on the brink of being called a teenager, just
crossed 12 and eagerly awaiting the teen crown next year, they still seem to be
the little infants for me even now.
My daughters have always found me
to be available for them to share their woes, their happiness and their
concerns or worries. I am so fortunate that my daughters treat me like their
friend and that I know them inside out. And for me too, as their Dad, I am
eagerly waiting for all three of them to take over the mantle from me. My
eldest daughter is already my pillar of support, my child having already
shouldered the responsibility of emotionally taking care of her Dad in his old
and failing age. The kind of values that she has tried to imbibe in her two
younger siblings, I am only proud to be waiting to see the other two angels too
grow up to be such responsible adults as my elder one is.
My daughters are whom I would
always look up to seek happiness in my life. In my pursuit of happiness, I have
indeed been blessed to have these three angels whom I am honoured to look after
in their childhood and who I know would be there to look after me in their
As my princesses would move up in
life pursuing their respective careers, I would look into their eyes with
content and happiness and be optimistic about their future, their life, which
is indeed what my future really is. I would always look up to them and that
will ever be my source of optimism.

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