Those moments when my heart won over my mind

Those moments when my heart won over my mind
Everyone gets into a relationship once in a
lifetime. We get so misconstrued by the term relationship that the moment this
term is used, we construe it to mean a relationship between a man and a woman
leading to an affair or matrimony. Really our thoughts have become so narrow to
have been seasoned to think on just those terms. The relationships can be between
friends, relatives, parents, children, or so many.

So relationships are myriad, but the desire to
feel appreciated is universal and so is the need to show that you care.

For me, perhaps, this need to show that I care and
the love to see someone think of me warmly crosses the boundaries of all such
relationships. It can be the feelings for the old security guard at your office
door, who doesn’t forget to salute you every single morning as you enter
office, it can be the feelings for the little urchin child whom I see playing
in its mother’s lap at the traffic signal so oblivious of the hardships that is
in store for it when it grows up, or it can be the feelings I have for the old
destitute woman I see on the street corner, who stare at me every day with that
tinge of helplessness in her eyes, as I pass by her every evening on my way
back from office.

The daily meetings with them and the thoughts
that pass my mind as I meet them are what makes me do something which I feel is
worth the doing.

These are those little deeds that I try to do,
those spur of the moment, the moments when my heart wins over my mind.

Give that little child a chocolate bar, which I would otherwise
have given to my kid. I may have bought it for my kid, would have cost me
nothing, but it feels so nice to see that little child munching on that
chocolate so happily.

Make it a point to touch that old watchman, just a gentle press on
his shoulder as I pass him, nothing intimate, but as I do this, I feel the
boost that I have given to the old man’s mood and the sense of connection that
he feels.

Make or buy something for the old woman on the street. A simple
dish that I may have cooked at home for tiffin, or that snack that I may have
picked up for my family from that restaurant on my way back from work. The way
that old destitute lady grabs it with both hands makes me feel that I have
perhaps earned that extra life from her blessings.

These little things would not cost me anything.
Rather would not even require me to spend any extra time or effort. On my way
to work or on my way back, these little moments when I let my heart rule over
my mind.
These moments, the moments when I feel a false
pride that I have cared for someone, but the reality is that I have these
people more to care for me.
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