Hurray! We have a scientific discovery after a long time – the discovery of the cause of earthquakes

Hurray! We have a scientific discovery after a long time – the discovery of the cause of earthquakes
It has been quite some time
that our civilization has witnessed path breaking inventions and discoveries
and mankind has been thirsty for it.
Ever since the first ever
discovery in the 2nd Century BC, being the discovery of the tides
caused by the moon in 150s BC, there have been innumerable inventions and
discoveries that have changed the way men (and women) live.
However off late since the
last half a century or so, the discoveries and inventions have almost dried up.
Mankind was getting bored using and making use of the age old discoveries and
inventions and we have been praying for a real big scientific breakthrough.
The recent spate of
earthquakes which devastated major parts of Nepal and affected even parts of
Pakistan and North India had ticked several scientific minds to study and
understand the reason how such natural disasters can be avoided or stopped.
Scientists have been applying their minds to the option whether we can have
premonition about such natural calamities so that the quantum of destruction
can be minimized.
When the top scientific minds
of the world are putting their brains to work, it is really commendable for
somebody from a lesser known and scientifically not so advanced country like
Pakistan and that too an even lesser known Maulana to come out with the
discovery of the real reason for the earthquakes.
The learned Maulana’s
scientific study has concluded that the cause for a natural disaster and an
economic disaster are the same, which is absolutely commendable, considering
that no greater scientific reasoning would have even fathomed and would have
been able to prove this fact.
Let us all applaud the amazing
discovery of the century and recommend Maulana Fazlur Rehman for his
breathtaking findings that earthquakes and inflation are caused by the
Jeans-wearing women.
The learned gentleman is known
to be the Chief of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islami Fazl (JUI-F), a radical religious
outfit in Pakistan. The self-styled “scientist” has even recommended to the
armed forces of Pakistan to launch a military operation against jeans-wearing
women all over Pakistan rather than trying to launch offensive against militant
Another scientific revelation
by the learned cleric aimed at educating the Pakistan Army is that these
jeans-wearing women are the real enemies of Pakistan and not the Taliban.
For more details on this
path-breaking discovery, please do visit
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