Proposed Surcharge – Apne Sar pe ek aur charge

Proposed Surcharge – Apne Sar pe ek aur charge
When the
Government decides to charge, they hit the nail straight on the honest tax
payer’s head. When new taxes don’t find favors, they still have their way out.
Surcharges on the existing taxes, simple and still an effective way to empty
our pockets.
Maharashtra Government’s latest bill to amend the Maharashtra Municipal
Corporation Act to allow the government to levy a surcharge on transactions of
immovable properties is the latest smart move in this direction.
And how do
they plan to go about this. The extra money that the government now plans to
snatch away from us would in all probability be introduced in the form of a
surcharge on the stamp duty that we pay on every property transaction.


So here we go,
the dear sweet home that we were eyeing for would become even dearer.
Just a 2%
surcharge on stamp duty, sounds simple and cheap! A person paying Rs.100/-
would need to pay just Rs.102/-. Not a bad deal, right? But work out the
whooping numbers. The annual stamp duty revenue of the Maharashtra Government
today stands at Rs.20,000 crores and so a 2% additional collection gets Rs.400
crores into the kitty. Simple mathematics, that’s it.
promises this money would be used to boost urban infrastructure such as Metro
Rail, Freeways and Sea-Links in various cities across the state, but how much
of it will be utilised for the real cause is anybody’s guess.
Government says it is really concerned about the farmers who commit suicide and
has plans to take complete responsibility for their children’s education and
ensure food security to their families. Seriously!
No, the
politicians are not letting go of their allowances and he freebies that they
enjoy from the Government. How could we even take such a wild guess?
When they
have gullible tax payers at their mercy, why should they worry? Who cares
whether we are agriculturists or not, but we all would now be required to pay
an agricultural tax. The government bill suggests collecting this through sale
of goods or through value added tax.
Government needs money to dig up 3 lakh wells, to create 1 lakh artificial
lakes, power connection and water pumps, they say. The leaders need to dig up
wells and ponds to hide their wealth, that’s what they didn’t say and we need
to read between the lines.
The proposed
agricultural tax is no child’s game either. The government plans to make the
tax payer poorer by at least Rs.500 crores annually over the next five years.
So let us be
prepared for another bolt on our head, another one of those Sarpe charge.


Surcharge or
VAT, hum tax payers ki lag gayi hai vatt!
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