May I sleep for a year, dear Country?

May I sleep for a year, dear Country?
Dear my beloved country, India,

It has been more than one full
day that I have been awake.

Yesterday, I went around with your little flag stuck to my chest, and also attended a hoisting of the bigger version of the same.sung your national anthem, talked and listened a lot about being one of your true citizens.

I heard about what we should do
and what we should not, but I am extremely sorry, I could not remember most of

I listened to a few songs
praising our people who I understand were instrumental in “freeing” you. I even
watched a couple of movies on their lives too.

All these activities had been
really tiring, more so since I am not used to doing it regularly.

May I request you now that I
may be allowed to sleep? Kindly ensure that I am not disturbed for any reason
while I am sleeping.

I would keep an alarm to get up again next year, same day. In case I miss the alarm, kindly shake me up a bit to wake me up from my slumber for another such show.

I assure you that I would
actively participate and put up such show every year to amuse you.

Yours faithfully,
My false patriotism
It's only fair to share...

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