New India Portfolio – The power-packed scheme for wealth creation

New India Portfolio – The power-packed scheme for wealth creation
Indian economy is today
the blue-eyed boy of the world. All major brands are vying for its attention
and trying to get a share of what they can grab of it.
Such attention is not
just for nothing. It is because Indian economy is today the third largest
economy in the world in terms of purchasing power. And the future looks
absolutely upbeat, with it predicted to touch new heights in the coming years.
As per the global
Investment Bank, Goldman Sachs, in another two decades, by 2035, India would be
the third largest economy in the world in absolute terms just after the United
States and China. According to the Bank, Indian economy is predicted to grow to
the size of 60% of the U.S. economy.
The important steps
which really helped Indian economy to gain momentum and reach the level that it
has achieved today was initiated by the economic liberalisation. The trade
liberalisation, the financial liberalisation and the various regular tax
reforms helped in opening up a plethora of foreign investments into the
country. These foreign investments are surely here to stay for long considering
the upbeat mood in our country on the Make in India call by the Government.
When the economy is
having a great celebration, can the markets be far behind? The Indian stock market
too has witnessed substantial gains during the last couple of years, especially
since the election of a stable Government at the Centre in the last elections.
In a booming economy
and a growing market, it is only fair that the investors make hay while the sun
shines. With primary markets always a sticky ground for first time players and
novices in the personal finance field, there is no better way to take advantage
of the growth story, than by investing in the New India Portfolio (NIP).
Sceptical investors,
not conversant with the direct capital market investment, should certainly not
be losing out on the opportunity for building wealth in this booming economy. has come out with the new initiative
called NIP, a powerful set of four mutual funds, which has been built in such a
way that an investor stands to gain from the economic revival and easing rate
cut scenario. In short, NIP is the sure shot tool that is set to profit from
the power of a NEW India.
The expert mutual fund
research team at #FundsIndia has created NIP and has chosen the four
power-packed mutual funds after analysing hundreds of schemes so that an
investor is best positioned to take advantage of the revival story.
The proof of the
stability of the New India Portfolio scheme is the track record of having
generated 18% compounded annual returns on the investors’ money in the last
five years, compared to the 11% from the blended index during the same period.
In absolute terms, an
investment of INR 1 Lakh has more than doubled to INR 2.27 lakhs during the
last five year period as compared to the returns of INR 1.65 lakhs in blended
funds. Isn’t that amazing!
Who would not want to
be part of the economic reform and get their share of the pie in the growing
market? The mantra for sustained returns in the high risk-high return
predominantly equity portfolio with some amount of debt, is patience and the
willingness to hold it for long, at least for a period of five years. The only
way to achieve this is through the New India
which is just designed specifically for long term wealth
Creating wealth is not
difficult anymore too. The process is completely online wherein the investor
can purchase, track, and get advisory services and more without any paperwork.
And for the modern
generation addicted to the social media, the access to the award winning
advisory support is free and multi-channel to be accessed through phone, email,
Skype, chat and App too.
Mutual fund investments
are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme information and other
related documents carefully before investing. Past performance is not indicative
of future returns. Please consider your specific investment requirements before
choosing a fund, or designing a portfolio that suits your needs.


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