Oh God, we created the distinction

Oh God, we created the distinction
I had just walked in to
the school for a parents’ meeting. As I passed ahead of the kindergarten
classes, on my way to the meeting room, I couldn’t but resist from peeping into
one of the classes to stare at those tiny tots in their nursery and pre-school
admiring their teacher and waiting anxiously and eagerly to learn.

I looked into the
twinkling eyes of the little angels and could see God sitting there, not one,
but so many of them. Little children, so bereft of false pride, ego, attitude
and all that we adult are made up of. I could see God sitting there, incarnated
into these little beings.

As I looked closely
into those tiny eyes, I could see a little sadness. I could see a sad God, as
if saying to Himself, very soon these little angels will grow up and adopt and
inherit those qualities of human nature, the qualities of ego and pride, I
would have to leave these abode yet again in search of others.

“The Sun rises in the
east and sets in the west”, I could hear the teacher saying it loudly to these
little children, as I passed one of the classes. 

Nothing new for me, I have had
learnt this in my nursery days too and have taught this to my own daughters
during their growing up days. I have travelled places, to the most exotic
beaches and hill stations across the country and the globe to witness this
beautiful phenomenon.

As I have witnessed the
beautiful sight of the sun rising against the backdrop of the misty mountain
ranges or setting and disappearing against the vast ocean in front of me, with
a promise to come back again the next day, I have had awed at this wonder of
the nature and have wondered how this routine is being repeated every single
day without any monotony, without any gap, without any fatigue.

But that day was
destined to be different. Perhaps, the words came to my ears with the sight of
God sitting there hearing it, made it different. I could suddenly hear words in
my mind too; I could feel as if God was telling me, “Oh! Man, how wrong are

I paused for a moment,
I had to. As if by impulse, on which I had no control, 

I turned back, and
walked towards the centre of the playground in front of the school. Standing
there, I looked up at the sky. As I looked up and stared, all I could see was
the vast expanse of infinity.

I kept staring at the
sky for a while, trying to figure out and find what is west and what is east. I
could not sense any direction up there, it was just going on and on in all
directions as far as my eyes could behold and much beyond.

Amidst the vast expanse
of infinity, I could see the Sun glaring with all its might and power. I could
not look at the Sun for more than a second, the light and heat blinding me, but
as I turned my eyes again towards the sky, the Sun appeared to be just a tiny
speck on this enormous sheet. The mighty Sun, seemed so enormous to me, but in
reality it was just another speck of dust in this universe, which this mightier
and yet so humble sky covers.

I admired the sky for a
while more and felt so helpless trying to search for directions. It was then
that reality dawned upon me. The sky does not have any east or west. It doesn’t
have any north or south either. The sky is just an infinite spread of equality,
every inch and every part of it being the same.

The beautiful sky above
us, the vast umbrella which protects us, the abode of the God, is without any
distinction, without any divide. The distinction is what we have created in our
minds and which so blindly believe them to be true. So blinded are we by our
false beliefs that we swear by them and pass it on so shamelessly to our
children and embed their minds with false notions.

When the sky up there
was created by God as equal all around, isn’t it logical that He would have
created the land the same way, a symmetrical reflection of what is above. So
sadly have we inhabitants, distributed and distinguished it to our liking,
divided it over religion, over language, over colour, over caste and creed.

The Sun is there,
standing at its place, in this vast expanse of the sky, it’s we who move from
east to west and falsely believe that the Sun is doing so. It’s we who keep
changing our perceptions and our views.

It’s we who have
created this distinction, this divide and we so conveniently blame it on God,
the Creator of this infinite equality.

As I walked back
towards yet another day of my false pride and ego, I heard the little children
repeating in unison after their teacher, “The Sun rises in the East and sets in
the West”.

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