Redefine the speed of time with Airtel 4G

Redefine the speed of time with Airtel 4G
We are living in a generation where everyone is racing
against time.

If we could squeeze in a few more seconds into the minute, a
few more minutes into the hour and a few more hours into the day, we could have
done so many things which we didn’t, just because of lack of time. Has this
thought not come across each one of us, so many times? I bet it has.

But unfortunately, time and tide waits for none, it is said.
Time flies and with it flies away our aspirations too. In this race against
time, perhaps the only thing which comes to our rescue is technology. The
technology to enable us to do things faster in that restricted time.

So, here we have Airtel, who has dared to think ahead of the times and brought for
#Airtel4G, the fastest internet
network ever.

Yeah, you heard it right. Airtel 4G is here to revolutionize the way we think, talk and act
internet. And it is here with a challenge, a challenge that if our existing
network is faster than it, Airtel will pay our mobile bills for life.

Why 4G, a few sceptics may ask and here’s why it should be. 4G
speeds at 3G prices: We get the same data benefits as our existing 3G pack but
can enjoy superfast 4G speeds at no extra cost. Who doesn’t crave for more? And
when it comes free! It’s a free 4G upgrade.

How 4G, another pertinent question and here’s how it is. We
just need to have a 4G device, may it be our smartphone or our tablet. The
Airtel 4G SIM need to be requested and it is delivered free to our doorstep. We
insert the SIM and our 4G plan is activated. That’s all we need to get started
with 4G. Isn’t it as easy as 1-2-3?

Seeing is believing; it is said, and why not. We just need to
walk into any Airtel store and experience 4G first hand before taking the
plunge. The Airtel executive would be eager to show you the demo of the fastest
network ever.

So what should we be waiting for? If we crave speed, Airtel
4G is for us. With these unbelievable speeds under our hood, gone are the days
of overnight movie download and low resolution video streams.

Airtel 4G is the first telecom operator to roll out 4G services in
India with a nationwide rollout across 296 cities. So we need not fret of being
left out, wherever we are.

There’s an old saying which goes like this, “The speed of
time is one second per second”. Perhaps, it’s time to change this maxim,
because with
Airtel 4G, speed will now be
measured in nano-seconds.

Watch out this video commercial to be surprised.

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