The Martian – Movie Review

The Martian – Movie Review
The Martian, the movie is based on
the book by the same name by Andy Weir.

The Martian follows the story of endurance,
persistence and survival of an exceptionally astute and judicious astronaut
left behind on planet Mars as presumably dead by his crew after a dust storm
cuts their manned mission to the planet short.

With survival as his only goal, the
botanist can only wait and hope that the rest of humanity hasn’t forgotten him,
even after his funeral has taken place on Earth.
During a crewed mission to Mars,
Astronaut Mark Watney is assumed dead having been hit by some object in a
fierce storm and therefore left behind reluctantly by his crew.  But the gritty astronaut survives and finds
himself marooned and deserted on the planet in intimidating circumstances.

Imaginative and resourceful to the
core and witty as his second name, Watney needs to remind himself that he is
not going to die. Food supplies that could not last till the next manned
mission could even find him, wit and a die-hard spirit is the only way ahead
for him to subsist and find a way to even try to signal to the home planet that
he is alive and surviving.

Fortunately for him, millions of
miles away in NASA there is at least one man who is convinced that the stranded
Martian is not dead and that there is some way to get him back home. Laced with
the right amount of emotion, right amount of drama and right dose of comedy,
the movie takes us through these stories of courage, bravery and true grit as
the entire world comes together to root for Watney’s safe return.

“Do you believe in God”, when asked,
the Director of the Mars Mission, the sole man who initially believed that the Astronaut could be alive and can be brought back home alive, cheekily replies, “My father was a Hindu and my
mother baptised, so I have two Gods” as he and his team of international
scientists work tirelessly to bring the Martian home, while his crew-mates synchronously plot an audacious but
enterprising rescue mission.

Based on the book that computer
programmer Andy Weir researched for three years, the movie makes us feel that
it could happen in real life any day now.

Scientists and nit-pickers may find
technical faults, but realism showing problems being solved without resorting
to sci-fi stunts and manoeuvres but realistic estimation of human technological
prowess and technologies that NASA is already using or could develop in the
near future is what makes this movie a must watch and distinctly different from
the other space disaster genre.
The Martian releases in India on 2nd
October, 2015.

Director: Ridley

Adapted from the book: The Martian,
by Andy Weir

Screenplay: Drew

Released by: 20th Century Fox

Credits: Star Movies, for the preview invite. Happy birthday #StarMoviesSecretScreening

Matt Damon – Mark Watney
Jeff Daniels – Teddy Sanders
Chiwetel Ejiofor – Vincent Kapoor
Benedict Wong – Bruce Ng
Sean Bean – Mitch Henderson
Jessica Chastain – Melissa Lewis
Kate Mara – Beth Johanssen
Michael Pena – Rick Martinez
Mackenzie Davis – Mindy Park
Donald Glover – Rich Purnell

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movie here:

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