Tap2Trade with Edelweiss and be Money Wise

Tap2Trade with Edelweiss and be Money Wise
When I decide to trade, I want to do it right away. We have come across
this thought so many times, but unfortunately not able to do it.
The unending hassle and long list of documentation apart, the time taken
for opening a trading account puts off potential new entrants to the capital
Edelweiss Financial Services, one of India’s leading diversified
financial services conglomerates, has introduced an amazing new concept for the
first time ever in India to ease the process of opening trading accounts.
Christened as Tap2Trade, this new account opening process empowers
individuals to open an online trading account and trade using smart-phones,
tablets and computes.


Edelweiss’s expertise in the financial market anticipates that the mobile
trading business in India to grow more than eight times in the next three
years. This anticipation is based on their study which has sensed the paradigm shift
in consumer preference for digital platforms. Mobile phones being the dominant
platform in the days to come, this seems to be an honest estimation.
Limited or curtailed retail participation in the Indian capital markets,
ever since beginning, can be blamed exclusively on the hassles of getting
documentation, loads of signature, verification of original documents etc.


Tap2Trade is an attempt by Edelweiss to make the entire process of trading
account opening hassle free, convenient and time saving, thus easing the
process of investing in the markets. Tap2Trade manages to do this by taking
care that all SEBI mandated guidelines and superior risk management and control
processes are technologically inbuilt, thus not being required to get this
information and documents again from the customer, and thereby smoothening and
quickening the procedure.


Tap2Trade claims to be able to open and online trading account for a
customer and enabling the customer to start trading within just 60 minutes,
subject to the SEBI and KYC requirements being complied with. Such speeded
procedure is surely an exemplar shift from the usual 6-8 working days that it
used to take from the time, a potential investor decides to open a trading
account and the time when he is actually able to trade online.


Another amazing feature launched by Edelweiss is the Mobile Trader smart-phone
App. Believing that consumer preferences, increasing smart phone penetration
and faster internet connections will drive mobile trading, this App has been
built on the 3S framework – Simple, Speed and Smart.
The Mobile Trading App has been developed including all the requisite
features and real life experiences, including navigation, information and even
choice of colours, which have been conceptualized keeping the trading community
in mind.


An amazing feature of this App apart from the live feeds and simplified
logins is the SGX Nifty live (with a delay of 10 minutes), all of which are
perhaps the category firsts in India.
Tap2Trade can be accessed either via the computers or by downloading the
Edelweiss Mobile Trader App which is available on Google Playstore (4.3
rating). This service will initially be available in 8 major Indian cities, to
be extended across the country soon.
Edelweiss as a Financial Services Company has always been committed to
continuously improve customer experience through smart use of technology and
both these innovations, the Edelweiss Mobile Trader App and the Tap2Trade
online trading account, are testimony to this commitment.
Edelweiss Financial Services trades under the symbols NSE: EDELWEISS,
BSE: 532922, Bloomberg: EDEL.IN, Reuters: EDEL.BO.


To learn more about the Edelweiss group and these amazingly new innovative
products, you can check out at www.edelweissfin.com
This post has been written for the Edelweiss
trading app launch event through BlogAdda.


Images in this post courtesy +dwitiy revankar 


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