Chalta Hai No More – It’s the Customer’s Right

Chalta Hai No More – It’s the Customer’s Right
Christmas Holidays, the
festive mood at home, I applied for a fortnight of festival leave. I was handed
over the packet as I was winding up work that last day at office. Double
bonanza for me perhaps, I realized as I opened it and found it to the festival

I need to take my wife
and kids for a long pending vacation; the first thought that crossed my mind.
Excited, I just checked out for the travel itinerary and promptly did the
travel and hotel reservations too.

“Yippee! We are travelling
on a holiday to the North East”, I declared to my family, the moment I came
back home and flashed the tickets. “So we need to book the hotel, too, my
dear”, my wife suggested.

A sly smile and I
replied back, “I have booked at the best hotel in town there. I had called them
up and they have promised me a heavenly stay at the most reasonable price”.

We landed up at the
hotel to discover that the hotel had nothing of what they had promised us over
the phone. I tried to confront them in vain and we resigned to our fate. “We just need to spend our nights here, so Chalta Hai”, my wife

“The toilet flush isn’t
functioning” my daughter yelled from inside the bathroom. But her scream was
dimmed by my wife shrieking her lung out as she found that the door doesn’t
latch from inside. I dared not tell them that I checked and found that the
night lamp doesn’t function.

This was my story just
a few years back, a time when people travelling on business or leisure would
find themselves landed up in hotels which would be a far cry from what they
have declared. Payments already made, travelers don’t have a choice.

#HotelFormule1 has come
out with its endeavor to correct his “Chalta Hai” mind-set and aims to end the
accepted perception and conception by delivering what they believe is every
customer’s right.

As a customer and guest, we have every right
to expect what has been promised to us at the price that we have paid. #HotelFormule1 is
committed to stand up to this cause, by facilitating necessities, amenities and
requirements that you expect that assure and guarantee an enjoyable,
pleasurable and pleasing stay at its hotel.

Accor Hotel has come up
with the #ChaltaHaiNoMore campaign which is driven by the conventional and
habituated “devil may care” casual and indifferent attitude that most of us
carry around.

With provisions such as
free high speed Wi-Fi to keep you connected with the world on the go, 24/7
safety and security that keeps you relaxed, sound proof rooms to provide you
complete privacy, comfortable beds that ensure that you get that undisturbed
nine winks after a hectic day or work or leisure, and access controlled rooms
and floors which cuts off any unauthorized intruders, Hotel Formule1 calls to
break us free from the nonchalant habit.

A pioneering company,
Accor Hotels has built its history on a deep dedication to forging ties. As a leader,
it has always cared about upholding a high level of commitment to their guests,
by delivering what they have promised.

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