Do your Homework better

Do your Homework better
Many of us
assume that we have sufficiently taken care of our children’s future and well
equipped to fulfill their aspirations.  We
shoulder the belief that our conventional savings would be sufficient enough to
address their various goals.
I was in for
a pleasant surprise when I was invited for an event to understand whether I did.
Did you Do Your Homework was the
question posed and I am candid enough to admit that I wasn’t and so were almost
all those present there.
responsible parents, it is very important that we encourage our children to
aspire towards whatever they would like to do and have a variety of different
options to choose from. When we do so, they can end up getting a job which
would surely give them the much required job satisfaction, even if it may not
be their dream job.
I have seen
my daughters growing up, and choosing their career paths which they had aspired
for. As a parent, my main goal is to make my kids feel happy and live a good
life. And the least that I can do towards it is to let my kid be what she wants
to be, if that is what makes her happy and pleased and not to interfere with it
at all.
It is a real
pleasant feeling for a parent to see our child be pleased with their job, be it
an attorney, a security guard, an artist, an author, a doctor, a police
officer, a pilot, a nurse, an actor or perhaps even the President of the United
Nations, if that is what is our children’s
there is a price to pay for achieving this satisfaction. With mounting cost
higher education, we as parents need to ensure that we have the sufficient savings
to plan for our child’s future.
As a parent
we have a key role to play in supporting our child in their career journey. We
are not only their first point of call for career counselling, we also need to
be able to provide them the financial support to prepare them for their chosen
career as their onward journey in life.
The #DoYourHomework
initiative is
a wonderful enterprise to create awareness among the parent fraternity about
planning for one of the most important goals in their life – their kid’s
education and their future.
initiative surely calls for action from parents and a wake up for them to
understand that they need to do their homework not just in finding out what
their children want to do in future and provide the support for the same, but
also find out the overall expenses and plan towards the same.
An amazing initiative,
Do Your Homework is a true eye-opener for parents to bridge the gap between
their kids desired career aspirations and goals and the financial requirement
to help them achieve it.


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