Pristine Daman – a paradise of peace, solitude and contentment

Pristine Daman – a paradise of peace, solitude and contentment
In my pursuit of
seeking happiness, I have had the opportunity to travel across the length and
breadth of the country, in my hunt for higher and higher education in the
initial stages of my life and later in the expedition and rummage seeking my

Finally landing up in
the West Zone of the country, I settled down in the financial capital of the
country, Mumbai where my efforts bore fruition and culmination. This city has
given me everything I had ever longed for and to write about this conurbation,
I could conceivably go on and on.

However, I would prefer
to write about a place, very close to Mumbai situated at a distance of approximately
180 kilometres, which was a Portuguese enclave for over four and a half
centuries till the close of the colonial rule in 1961.

Daman, earlier known as
Damao, was incorporated into the Republic of India on 19th December,
1961 by the military conquest of the Indian Forces against the Portuguese rule. 

Daman is the melting pot where diverse races and ethos meet and mix to bring
forth a multi-coloured uniqueness and distinctiveness.

A laid back little
town, Daman had remained a lesser known place on the Indian map for many

It is only in the recent one decade or so that it has become popular
as a tourist destination in West India.

A quaint an antiquated little
place with serene beaches, Daman is divided into two parts by the Damanganga
river, as Nani Daman (meaning Little Daman) in the north and Moti Daman
(meaning Big Daman) in the south.

The Design:

Nani Daman houses major
industrial units with almost all the business houses of Mumbai having their
manufacturing units situated there mainly due to the tax and other fiscal
exemptions provided by the Government.

Moti Daman on the other
hand, retains the Old Portuguese atmosphere with the Government buildings and
the churches of the colonial origins fenced within a magnificent and daunting wall.

Having retained its
multi-cultural and diverse identity, one can find several monuments in the form
of forts, churches and temples here. 

St. Jerome Fort, Old Daman Fort, Somnath
Temple, Church of Our Lady of the Sea, Jain Temple and the Church of Our Lady
of the Rosary are the monuments worth visiting for their finely carved statues
and architecture.

The Drive:

The twin beaches of Daman,
the Jampore Beach and the Devka Beach, are excellent locales for sunbathers and
swimmers alike and gratifies their impulses and fancies to perfection. 

beaches, with casurina trees lined next to the sea shore makes it an amazing
location for the lazy evening strolls too.

The coconut groves, the
profuse greenery and round the year moderate climate provides a lovely escape
to those in search of ecstasy, delight and fun far away from the bustles of
city life.

Being a port town,
Daman offers and exquisite variety of sea food fare to satisfy the demanding
palate of the fish lovers, while the antiquated bars and sea side modern
restaurants satisfy the pleasures and inclinations of life.

The Connect:

Offering virtually
everything, be it heritage, culture, leisure, fun, adventure and business
tourism, and situated at such close proximity to Mumbai, of late, Daman has
fast emerged as the right place for corporate meets, conferences, seminars,
orientation programmes and training sessions.

The easy accessibility by
both rail and road makes it one of the topmost leisure destinations for
peace-starved Mumbaikars like me.

The design and the
connect that drives me from within to Daman is what makes it a great
destination, exactly like the TataMotors #madeofgreat.

This video clipping takes
you through the paradise of peace, solitude and contentment that is Daman, a
must watch.

Video courtesy: Youtube, shot by Maifuse Kadri

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