GDP – Gender Discriminating Patriarchs

GDP – Gender Discriminating Patriarchs
Paterfamiliases or Paternalists, you
give it a name you like, but the candid and bitter truth remains that it had
always been a male dominated world and it had always been the male who
exercised and continue to exercise autocratic authority over others.
While human race has been
shamelessly practicing patriarchy since time immemorial, isn’t it sad that even
God has been pulled up and assumed to be privy to this anarchy.
When God is clearly an intangible
spirit as defined in almost all the religions and therefore certainly shouldn’t
be attributed to any particular gender, why is there a continuous raging and so
passionate debate over his or her actual sex?
God may have been given the sexual
status of a male or a female in the various scriptures as per the convenience
of the narrator or as the story demanded in the frame of things.

Arguments plenteous, but does it
even sounds logical that just because one of God’s incarnates has been
mentioned as having taken a vow of celibacy that women during the period
falling between their menarche and menopause are not permitted to enter the
vicinity where he resides.
Is the pledge and oath of chronic
bachelorhood by the deity presumed and declared to be a male over the centuries
old tradition, a rational or reasonable reason to keep the menstruating women
away from His sight?

The Supreme Court’s recent observation,
hearing a public interest litigation petition filed by a lawyers’ association,
as to why women of menstruating age are barred from entering the Sabarimala
temple has triggered a wide-range and high decibel debate across the country.
While many have come out more acquiescently
and responsively against the centuries-old convention prevailing in the
hill-shrine in Kerala, there are many who are still debating in its favour.
When we men boast of equal status to
the women in our lives, should we still hold on to the tradition of not
allowing these same women to enter the sanctum sanctorum of the deities that we
reverently worship. I feel that it is clearly emblematic of overweening
patriarchal codes which we surely need to let go.
For me, such ludicrous and
preposterous ethnicities that we are despairingly and despondently clinging on
to, certainly smells of male chauvinism.
Oh! The gender discriminating patriarchs
of my country, why can’t we just leave the Almighty out of our narrow thinking?
Swami(ni) Sharanam – Oh God! I seek
refuge in you.

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