Give it up – Is it abnegation or surrender?

Give it up – Is it abnegation or surrender?
Give-It-Up bug is really infectious. I am getting worried, it is following me
everywhere. Or am I hallucinating? I really don’t know, but this creepy-crawly
surely seems to have infected my system.
My better
half has the habit of switching on the radio as early as she wakes up to soothe
her spirits with the old Bollywood numbers belted out by the dozen or so FM
channels. Perhaps, it’s a bit more than that since it acts as my alarm bell too
as I am forced out of my slumber every morning hearing the hoarse voice of our
esteemed Prime Minister.
Oh no! Our
PM hasn’t started singing for movies, but his voice surely resonates in between
those melodies. I am woken up by his appeal to give-up. He proclaims the joy of
giving up the LPG subsidy, which I am not sure strikes the right chord or not,
but it surely compels me to give-up my sleep immediately.
As I finish
off my morning chores, I have been subjugated since childhood to the habit of
switching on the TV set to keep myself abreast with the latest happenings on
this planet that I am destined to survive. There again I see the most venerated
bearded citizen of our country with his appeal. I give-up once again, this time
it’s the pleasure and gratification of catching up with the current affairs.
As I leave
in the pursuit of yet another day of livelihood to my work place, I am scared
to death to switch on the FM channel in my car yet again, and hence embark on a
silent journey with a feeling of travelling in a hearse. I give up my right to
a comfortable musical journey.
Thanks to
the Mumbai traffic and the numerous signals I encounter on my short journey of
just a couple of kilometers, I am constrained to stare out of the car window,
just because there is nothing compelling enough for me to look into the decrepit
interiors of my wagon which I could confidently call my own, having just
managed to complete the full term of the EMI.
There again,
it is. A big hoarding with our honorable Premier staring straight at me as if I
am the most notorious criminal in  this
country’s list of most-wanted who-is-who. Yeah, I admit, I haven’t given up on
the subsidy so far, but since morning didn’t I give-up on a lot of things, my
dear PM. And, yet again, I am giving up once more. This time, it’s the urge the
stare out of the car window.
During the
course of the day, I encounter many occasions of Give-It-Up and every single
time, I oblige. Sometimes consciously and sometimes unwittingly, but oblige, I
really do. I reach office and find that my reserved parking has already been utilized
by some obnoxious jerk and I give it up to settle for another corner.
Just when I
decide to have my lunch, some unwary client walks in and spends the next full
hour raising his innumerable queries expecting answers to his satisfaction, the
definition of which is left to his judgment. So I give up my favorite lunch time
determinedly trying to explain the intricacies of the income tax act over an
empty stomach.
While I
return back home in the evening, I can’t help myself from stealing a glance at
the large hoarding and yet again I and our beloved PM make eye-to-eye contact.
Having given up so many things since I woke up in the morning, I am honorably
and scrupulously satisfied of my achievements, but my country’s premier doesn’t
seem to be a bit amused.
As a tax
paying and law abiding citizen of this country, it would not be far-fetched of
my thoughts to expect at least a sly smile from my Prime Minister if not a pat
on my back, for all these Give-It-Ups that I have efficaciously endeavored
during the day. My PM isn’t satisfied and his gawking gaze makes it abundantly
clear that all he wants from me is the LPG give-up and nothing short of it.
I reach home
and as I sip on the steaming hot tea so lovingly served by my by-this-time
convinced better half, made by her on the gas stove fuelled by the LPG, against
the purchase of which I am entitled to a fee hundreds of bucks as subsidy, I
keep wondering.
I ponder
whether I need to add this one more Give-It-Up to my already overflowing cup of
woes. I conjecture that if I relent and do so, would it be an act of abnegation
or that of surrender.
I wish to
tell my honorable Prime Minister that I am ready to #GiveItUp. I would love to
do it as abnegation and not surrender. I wish to tell him that I am ready to
take a hundred steps towards nation building, if our politicians are ready to
take a single step.
I wish to ask
my PM and ask it loud and clear for the whole country to listen. I wish to ask
him that when we, the citizens of our country are doing our best for the nation
building, is it not high time that our politicians too start repaying some of
our generosity.
I wish to
give a piece of advice too to our PM. I would like him to tell his ministries
to learn to manage their finances while they permit me to deal with my conscience,
the way I want.
A bemused
and amused, yet utterly concerned citizen

Foot Note:
Abnegation –
the act of giving up something, especially something you would like to keep.
Surrender –
the act of giving up something because someone in authority says you have to.

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