Break free when you wish – Taandav, the Movie Review

Break free when you wish – Taandav, the Movie Review
Man is free at the time he wishes to be – Voltaire

Taandav, the Movie is surely a replication and
reflection of the circumstances that police personnel have to work in even if
they are emotionally and psychologically frazzled, harassed and stressed out.

per the Hindu Mythology, Taandav Nritya means the dance of the fury of Lord
Shiva. In this movie, the Director has been successful in showcasing a totally
different aspect to this dance which is done to release stress without venting
fury on anyone else.

the role of a lower middle class police constable Tambe, actor Manoj Bajpayee
has managed to showcase both the restrained and exasperated side of his
character with unqualified subtlety and finesse.

Tambe is having a terrible day at office and at home. He is ridiculed by his colleagues
for being honest and who feel betrayed by him. Unable to arrange for a donation
to get his daughter admitted to a private school, he is mocked and scorned by
his wife while he looks into the eyes of his visibly upset daughter.

if the worse is not yet over for Tambe for the day, he is put on duty at the
Ganpati Visarjan, where he is deafened by the loud music, screams and crazy
dances, street quarrels and everything which adds to his irritation and

one can’t take it anymore, how does one break free, being the central theme,
this movie shows that instead of being a recipe for catastrophe and tragedy,
how one can let go one’s frustration without harming anyone else.

feel annoyed on the immoral and unethical education system; feel furious on the
deceitfulness in the government department and the police force, and the same
time feel miserable for an ordinary man trapped in an ethical predicament.

just 11 minutes of this short film, the Director and the Actor manage to
portray with perfection, the story of corruption, morality and the art of
letting go.

by Devashish Makhija
Manoj Vajpayee as Constable Tambe
by Nucleya

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