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I am not a bit impatient and lazy, though that’s a branding I have got from my family, comprising fortunately or unfortunately of an all-woman brigade, my wife and my daughters when it comes to accompanying them for store shopping. I am not sure whether I have been labelled rightly, but I firmly believe that in the time my women take to check-out the options at the store and finally end up buying one stuff and quite often none at all, I could walk away buying the entire store.

Hey! I am not being chauvinistic at all and I really respect their idea of shopping. It’s just that I somehow never fit into the scheme of things there.

Things changed for good with the advent of the online shopping portals when the women in my life shifted their allegiance to shopping from the comforts of our own home. More than the convenience to them let me be candid enough to admit that it was the convenience to me that mattered. They could take their whole day browsing and choosing what they want and I need to step in only to give my nod, which invariably had to be a Yes, before checking out to the payment option.

All that begins well may not end well, perhaps. What started off as a craze finally ended up in multiple woes as each of these shopping sites had their own set of problems and issues. Some of them may not have enough options available with respect to colour or size; some may have delivery issues while some others were lagging in the transparent exchange and return policies.

It was as if I was destined to go back to the suffering of the old store shopping days, that luckily for me, Jabong came along. It was by coincidence that I had happened to see their advertisement in the newspapers and decided to give it a try and believe me the first impression itself was so memorable that it stuck to me till date.

Spring/Summer is the time when most of us indulge in shopping a lot. The time for vacations and family outings, we all would like to look our very best in the latest trends and make a lasting impression. I and my family are no different and so when we decided to check out on Jabong, I was really amazed.

 Jabong has a collection called SS16 (I understand that it stands for Spring Summer 2016) and believe me; they have all the latest trends and fashion for all the leading brands in there.

With almost close to a whopping 40000 products across gender and categories, SS16 has something and more for everyone. Be it clothing, home furniture, shoes, bags, accessories, jewellery or even beauty products, it’s not just a treat to our eyes but an absolute treat to our budget too with those amazing offers and discounts available on all the leading brands.

The ultimate in latest fashion and trends available at the best possible price is something which made me spring up in excitement this summer. Let me confess that with Jabong I have finally discarded my lethargy in shopping and this is something that I now really love doing.

 All in all, it was a wonderful shopping experience whether it was for me and my better half in our prime time forties or my princesses in their twenties to the teens. The SS16 has a collection for everyone, old and young alike, the sober and the vibrant too. To sum it up in these three little words that Jabong uses to name their incredible collection, for me it was surely a SS16 (super sweet 16) experience.

 The name Jabong sounds a bit odd for many; it is Hawaiian, meaning Pommelo, a kind of grape fruit. With my experience of online shopping with Jabong, I can quite surely say with conviction that the name is so apt. This online shopping site has pommeled all its competitors and left them thrashed to pulp.

 With Jabong, shopping is just dingdong.  Jabong is surely where the future of shopping belong.

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