Happy thyroid with Thyrocare

My tryst with thyroid dates back to the time, more than two decades ago when I decided to settle down in life.

Quite an odd correlation, many would wonder but it’s true for me. I recollect the day I had taken my newly married bride to my hometown to get her introduced and seek the blessings of the elders in the family, as had perhaps become the ritual and custom.


The entire sacramental procedure would be quite amusing; I had warned my just crowned better half that it would be an entire clan of peers scanning through your anatomy to finally pass the judgment whether my decision was right or not.


Absolutely facetious, my wife expressed but nevertheless had to give way to succumb to this ceremonious process. “Hey! Your spouse is approved except that she could have done away with that slight swelling on her throat”, was the final verdict.


The ruling was upheld but the qualification therein surely got us thinking. We checked it again and again in the ease of our bedroom and there it really was. Something which had gone unnoticed all these years, never had she realised it, neither her parents nor me ever.

Coming back to the present, my wife had been on medication for hypothyroidism since then and is required to be subject to periodic pathological tests to keep it within the medically approved limits.


These regular tests had really been quite cumbersome for us for the initial years since every clinical centre even in a city like Mumbai where we dwelt was not equipped to conduct these. Further, the blood samples had to be shipped by these collection centres to designated laboratories only which meant an eternal anxious wait for the test results.


It was one of those regular mornings a couple of years back when my wife was getting ready for us to proceed for yet another visit to the far away laboratory that she quipped if she could ever get these things done from the comforts of our own home, as I was scanning through the morning newspaper for the daily dose of news.


It was as if the genie answered her wish as my eyes fell on the advertisement of Thyrocare, India’s first and most advanced fully automated diagnostic laboratory which collects samples from your home and provide you the world class diagnostic services the lowest cost. Needless to add, we are absolutely satisfied ever since.

Ever since it started in 1996 as the brainchild of Dr. A Velumani, a PhD in Thyroid Chemistry, to offer medical diagnostics to patients without profiting at their expense, Thyrocare today has become the industry leader, trend setter and innovators in the Indian Diagnostic Industry with a network of more than 20,000 service centres across the country providing world class diagnostic services and best quality preventive healthcare packages at affordable costs.

Thyrocare prides in having its own state-of-art fully automated clinical chemistry laboratory having pre-analytical barcoded vial sorting and sample sorting with bidirectional interface spread over 2,00,000 sq. ft. floor space with best equipments, reagents and systems available in diagnostic industry across the world, operating 24×7 and processing over 40,000 specimens and over 2,00,000 Clinical Chemistry Investigations per day with a turnaround time of just 4-5 hours.


Thyrocare has a unique air-cargo logistics which ensures that the samples reach the laboratory before midnight on the day they are collected, whether it is to their centralised laboratory for esoteric tests or to their regional processing laboratories spread across major metro cities in India and other parts of Asia.


With a clear focus to facilitate and standardise quality and cost of laboratory services across the world, and its presence growing in more and more cities, countries and continents, Thyrocare today boasts of processing 3 billion clinical investigations in a year, and is well set in the path and vision of its founder to serve at least 50% of the world’s population for 50% of their diagnostic needs at 50% of the cost.



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One thought on “Happy thyroid with Thyrocare

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