Why One Shouldn’t Inherit College Education from One’s Parents

When I was growing up as a child into adolescence and later adulthood in the 70s and the 80s there was this concept of a family selecting the same clothing for the entire members to stitch their clothes. Sounds funny right! But that’s true and many of my age who had grown up in the same era would agree to me. The Father and the Sons would invariably be wearing the same designed shirts and pants and sometimes even the skirts and dresses stitched for the daughters would also be of the same cloth and to stretch it further, the mother’s blouse too. And when such families walked out of their house, they used to look like a herd of animals of the same breed. This surely had an advantage too though, let me be candid to admit, and that is that they would never get lost in a crowd.

It was not just the attire, this principle was applied even for the child’s education and choosing a career too. A Doctor or Engineer parent would invariably want his or her child to become a Doctor or Engineer; a parent having been able to secure a decent job after graduating from a particular University would proudly announce that his or her child would also be graduating from the same University or even pursuing the same course.

It was during those times that my parents decided to think differently. I and my siblings were allowed to pursue our dreams and allowed to walk the path of life in our own
way. I would be indebted to them for ever for this because this is exactly what I have allowed my daughters to do in their education and career and their choice of life.

Times have changed a lot since the 1970s to the present era of 2016. The opportunities that are available, the scenarios for achieving the goals that these opportunities provide, the requirements of the corporates and the society at large, all have changed substantially taking a quantum leap.

In such a situation, it is even more important that we as parents need to re-examine our notion of academic excellence as being the only measure of success in life and rather give more credence to allow our children to develop all round values and expertise which they would be able to apply wholeheartedly to the various roles that they would be required to play in the society in this current world.

It is time when we should think big and guide our children to think big too. To do that, we need to look beyond the horizon because our present decision is what’s going to impact the future of our children when they step out into this world on their own tomorrow without holding our fingers.

We need to think for sure, then why not #ThinkBIG. We need to look at the opportunities that are provided in universities like LPU which they have showcased in this video here.


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2 thoughts on “Why One Shouldn’t Inherit College Education from One’s Parents

  • It is quite natural for children to follow in the footsteps of their parents as far as the profession is concerned. It is easy to do that in fact. Doctors' children naturally get to know more about medicine and related things and take interest in them. Similarly, others too.

    But children should have the freedom to choose their life, no doubt.


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