Benefits of online shopping in India.

Online shopping has seen good amount of success in India. There are various factors to it, primary factor being the benefits attached to online shopping.


Benefits of online shopping in India:

  1. Comfort
  2. Saves time, money and energy
  3. Competitive pricing due to cut throat competition in the online segment
  4. Availability of millions of products and thousands of brands on one single portal
  5. Home Delivery/ Free Delivery
  6. Easy Returns and Refunds
  7. Cash backs & Rewards earned while shopping online

Being lazy, we Indians prefer options which demand least amount of physical activity and online shopping has delivered what was needed, Comfort. Online shopping offers the comfort of home or office without the hassle of moving from one shop to another in search of the best product. Imagine going on shopping with your mother or wife, driving around in a car or hiring a taxi for the entire day, the expenses on fuel are saved when we shop online. Time that we would have spent while travelling to and from the market is also saved and can be invested in more productive tasks which involve some kind of earning for you.


Almost all the online shopping portals roll out discounted sales or deals everyday and this opens the doors to saving some more money and is certainly a benefit however there is a flip side to it too. Many people end up buying things they don’t need just because there is a huge discount on it. Everybody is aware that when it comes to options in terms of products and brands we cannot find more than what we have on online shopping portals. Sometimes the availability of so many options can become a bit confusing however the harm is lesser than the benefit hence can be overlooked. Free home delivery offered by shopping portals makes it very convenient for the shoppers as they don’t have to arrange and pay for transportation of their purchases.


The shopping portals offer easy returns and refunds to customers. The ease of returning a product and getting another in exchange adds another plus to the reasons why people prefer to buy online. Simplified terms of refunds make it easy for shoppers to claim a refund in case they do not like the product after delivery. The payment methods chosen by individuals also make it easy for them to earn reward points and cash backs from shopping portals as well as the bank or the company they channel their payment through. These reward points and cash backs help to cover the cost for few more products so technically the shoppers get those products for free.


Considering the fact that there are so many benefits of shopping online in India people are inclined to use it more. The growing number of online shopping portals in itself is a testimony to the popularity of online shopping in India.  Popularity of smart phones and use of Android and other applications has added a new dimension to the art of shopping.

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