Investment options which provide guaranteed returns

Saving your money is great but how are you sure that you are building your wealth? Investing your money somewhere is necessary to ensure that you are saving it and getting more returns later on but in order to do that, you need to find a policy that suits you perfectly.

Going for endowment policies is one of the biggest steps people take when they want to start accumulating their wealth in a safe place. Endowment plans are a fast solution with returns that are up to ten times more than the original premium paid.

These plans do not require annual premium to be paid, you can opt for saving a small amount every month. In case of your death, your family receives the sum of the payment assured. If you reach the maturity of the policy, you will get your money back in the form of maturity benefits.

Wealth builder

With Edelwiess Tokio Life -Weath Builder, you can work towards saving your premium and getting great returns. You have multiple payment options and you have flexible benefits as well, including death and maturity options. While you pay a certain sum annually as premium, you get a lot more in return.

In case of your sudden death, your family gets the sum guaranteed as well as the amount of loyalty points earned during this time.

If you live a long and healthy life, you are sure to get your premium back on maturity along with the loyalty additions and another large premium benefit if you have taken any.

Why Wealth builder?

It helps to accumulate your wealth and can help for things such as house and education loans. It also provides a life cover.

It offers a great savings as well as a protection plan for your money.

Additional benefits such as loyalty points are accrued from the beginning of the year till the event of your death or maturity. This means more returns than your sum assured.

You can add different riders and plans onto your wealth builder if required. It can range from criticare to accidental total disability riders and term riders. It also includes income builders and premium waiver riders.

Tax benefits are also implicit when it comes to wealth builder plans. Tax benefits are available for the major plan under Section 80D and Section 10 (10D). The tax benefits get doubled thanks to this!


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