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As a male with a real bad memory, it’s very often that I run into trouble.  Hey, guys, before you start associating me with Amnesia or trying scaring me with the medical term called Alzheimer’s, let me clarify that mine is just a plain case of forgetfulness.

Unfortunately for me, this disease in me triggers the most when it comes to remembering the important occasions and dates in my life and that of my loved ones. Now you understand what I mean and perhaps almost every male would candidly admit that they too suffer from this unfortunate ailment.

Is this a male centric disease or is it something to do with our genes. Whatever the reason be, it’s something which really lands us in tight corners, and mostly so with the women in our lives, be it our mothers, the sisters, and more precarious species, the wives and the girlfriends.


Remembering that it’s the wife’s or girl friend’s birthday or an anniversary while in an important office meeting which never seems to end, frantically searching for a cake shop or a gift shop while driving back home and fatefully not finding a single one open, is a dilemma that we menfolk face quite commonly.


How often have we wished, there could be someone who could be our saviour at such times. India-Gift seems to be a messiah for the scatter-brained male like me.


Occasions when taking time off our busy schedule seems really tricky and sending gifts, flowers or cakes to our loved ones are pushed to last minute decisions, India-Gift ensures that our wishes reach them on time with their same day guaranteed delivery in select cities.


We need not blame our absent mindedness for not being able to surprise our loved ones anymore, because India-Gift takes care of our anguishes with their exclusive and special midnight gifts delivery services which make sure that our heartfelt gesture strikes the right chord at the stroke of mid-night.


India-Gift is committed to its vision of making gifting accessible at all times and also make it economical and affordable for all to do so. This start-up, the brain child of couple entrepreneurs, Rupal Bansal, a digital marketing professional and blogger and her husband Mohit Bansal, an IIM-A alumnus, delivers cakes, flowers,  chocolates and other gifts across the country with delivery points spread across 1000 towns and cities in India and thus making it the widest gift delivery network in the country.


Now I know how to keep my loved ones happy by just gifting away my gifting woes with India-Gift.

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