Gute Reise – the one stop solution for all travel needs

Travelling leaves me speechless, and then turns me into a storyteller. I am wanderlust and I have no qualms admitting my love for travel, which is a major inspiration to write stories.


As much as I love travel, what I desist is the last minute shopping for the right accessories and gear. Be it the different charging sockets needed for your electronics and the international standard specific luggage or the backpacks and gear depending upon your mode of travel, the shopping needs for each journey are so diverse that one needs to run from pillar to post searching and collating these before embarking.


Gute Reise in German means wishing you a happy and safe journey. It is no laughing matter that your journey can end up being happy and safe only if you fully equipped with all the necessities.

Gute Reise, the wholly owned subsidiary of Victorinox in India makes sure that you are fully armed and fortified for every journey of yours, be it business, adventure or leisure. It is perhaps the only one stop shopping solution to all your travel needs.


When you go on an adventure camp, you would like to explore on the cooking escapades too and that’s where the Optimus outdoor cooking stoves, cooking systems and cutlery comes handy. With a wide range of kettles, spoons, forks and fuel bottles, they ensure that your hiking is as adventurous as it could be.

Availability of safe drinking water is a major factor desisting travellers from exploring new places. The light weight Katadyn water purifiers that you can easily tuck into your backpacks makes sure that you take the plunge into any unknown territories without any worries.


The major attraction of Gute Reise stores of course is the amazing range of Victorinox products. The luggage range covers business collection, backpacks, trolley bags and lifestyle accessories that are so elegant that it would suit every style and panache while the Swiss Gear collection takes care of the needs of those who may be a bit budget constrained.


Time is a constraint in every travel and hence we all would like to be linked to it wherever we are. Victorinox has a wide range of formal Chrono watches for the business travellers as well as the Maverick range for the lifestyle inclined ones. What stands apart surely is the Inox range of watches specially forged to resist with over 130 torture tests before it adorns the wrists of those who know that life is an adventure.

Just when you are wondering whether you got the name wrong, you haven’t. Victorinox has this wide range of original Swiss army knives, your companion for life, which they have been making since 1884. The everyday collection of classic and huntsman knives or the outdoor collection of forester and hunter pro, or even the rescue tools, they have knives for every occasion and every need.


Gute Reise surely understands all your travel needs with more than 450 innovative and quality products to make your travel absolutely comfortable and hassle free.

Dies Sind Gute Nachrichten Fur Die Reisenden – This is certainly good news for the travellers.


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