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Yet another hectic day at work and just when we are about to pack our bags to leave home for the day, hungry and starved, longing to reach home for a good meal awaiting us simmering and garnished, we see the message on our phone from the wife that she is stuck at office too and would reach home late.

Quite a usual situation for a nuclear family in a fast paced city like Mumbai, this is. In such circumstances, the numerous online food ordering portals are what comes to our rescue. However, outside food brings along with all the ill-effects of not being healthy and guilt-free.


Fortunately, we need not worry any more, as Holachef, which brings the world’s best cuisines from the master chefs’ kitchen right to our doorstep, has now tied up with Marico Industries, the manufacturers of Saffola Masala Oats to bring to us healthier eating options.

As part of the Fit Foodie initiative, now we will be able to order healthy recipes from different cuisines and with different ingredients featuring Saffola Oats on the Holachef portal.

With an amazing range of menu available in the Fit Foodies range, Holachef ensures that every single recipe I carefully curated, designed, checked and tasted by Saffola’s expert panel comprising foodies, chefs, nutritionists and connoisseurs, which means that what we get is the best of both health and taste.

To add to the star value of these healthy eating options, the panel which curates these recipes is headed by star Chef Kunal Kapur and all the dishes on this menu have been developed by renowned food enthusiast and Chef Archana Doshi.


At Holachef, every single dish that we order is cooked from scratch on the day of the order, with changing menu for every day, the Chefs are driven by just one goal, that is to deliver to us the best lunch or dinner of the day at our doorstep.

Based on the recipe’s nutritional composition and completeness, every recipe is assigned a health score on the Foodie meter which enables us to choose the dish we want as per our health preferences.

The website has also come up with an interesting concept of a Fit Foodie Corner, which allows the members to submit and suggest their own recipes, keep a recipe diary and also chat with Saffola’s team of expert chefs.


With an idea to provide a great mix of delicacies from around the world, prepared with finesse, all the Chefs associated with Holachef bring along with them their professional experience in cooking along with an expertise in a particular cuisine. With their absolute and passion for cooking and serving food, these chefs are able to deign menus that are crucial to their everyday offering – a new delectable menu every day.

We can now experience the deliciousness and healthiness of the versatile Saffola Masala Oats with the ease of ordering food from the comforts of our office or home, giving us healthy, light while also exciting meal options.


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