Not so pious Jihad


It’s Jihad, the holy war, the only way to salvation, cries out the separatist leaders of Kashmir.

But it’s quite ironical that these self-proclaimed messengers of Allah are interested in redemption only for the children of others and not for their own kids.

While the youth of Kashmir are encouraged by these separatist leaders to pick up arms and fight for the so called Jihad, the children and siblings of these rabble rousing leaders are quite evidently and conspicuously absent from the crowds.

It is time that the misled youth of Kashmir understand that while they are brainwashed to wield guns and stones, their own children are opting for education and career oriented approaches elsewhere.

While Masrat Alam, the former top commander of the pro Pakistan terrorist outfit Hezbollah, and touted as the successor to Geelani in All Party Hurriyat Conference, cries his lungs out instigating the Kashmiri children to join the unrest and thus disrupting their education, his own children are said to be studying in good schools in Delhi.

Talking of Syed Ali Shah Geelani a hard-line separatist leader, it’s true that one of his sons practice medicine in Rawalpindi and the other son lives in South Delhi. While his daughter is a teacher in Jeddah and his cousin lives in London, all of his grandchildren study in leading Christian Missionary Schools.

While Asiya Andrabi who heads the Dukhtaran-e-Millat which has been instrumental in setting up base for a Jihadist movement in Kashmir, has been a major detractor of the Indian establishment, she had sought Indian passports to send her son to Malaysia for higher studies. Her sister is settled in Malaysia, her elder son is pursuing Engineering in Malaysia and her younger son studies in a Christian missionary school in the valley.

Ayaz Akbar, the spokesperson for APHC has sent his son to Pune for studying management. Abdul Aziz Dhar alias General Moosa, an active member of the proscribed terrorist group Hizbul and who had played a crucial role in triggering and sustaining stone-pelting protests in the Valley has a son who has studied Computer Applications while his other son works in the Animal Husbandry Department.


A silver lining is that Junaid Qureshi an Amsterdam based human rights activist, son of the separatist leader Hashim Qureshi who had hijacked an Indian plane to Lahore many years ago, continues to make an appeal to the Kashmiri youth to shun violence and opt for some other civilised way to vent their resentment.

If Jihad is so pious, why is it so that when the poor misled Kashmiri youth are dying on the streets, why don’t they or their own sons and daughters pick up guns? While these separatists keep their own children tucked away in safe havens, they shamelessly glorify the bloodshed.

Conceivably they know that it is not so pious a Jihad after all. Let us hope that the misinformed Kashmiri youth comprehend this too soon.

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