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It was just the other day that I was getting ready to go to work and my little daughter came rushing to me wanting me to go out for some cycling. I promised her that we would when I am back from work in the evening, but as usual I was so tired that cycling was the least on my mind.

This was just one of the many occasions my hectic work schedule has left me tired rendering me not being able to keep the promises that I make to my loved ones.

Promises may be many, some small and some large, but I have now realised that I can keep those promises, only if I stay healthy.

There was a time when I used to think that having taken a higher-paying job; I have taken care of the needs of my family. Retrospectively when I think about it now, I realise how misguided I was.

A TVC where a father steps out to run in the cold weather because he has to become fitter for his family, made me realize how wrong I was. It was my life being displayed in that ICICI Lombard ad.

I always knew it is difficult to be committed to oneself, especially where fitness and health is concerned. We have the habit of delaying things unnecessarily but one thing is for sure that if I care about my family and myself then no matter how difficult it is but I will consistently take steps towards achieving a healthier lifestyle and make health my priority and choose an active lifestyle.

It’s important that we maintain a work-life balance and start doing what we believe in to stay healthy so that we are able to keep up the promises that we made.

Understanding the importance of diet and nutrition in our lives is as important. As I beat my odds to #DoTheDifficult to keep my promises, I would love to be able to match my daughter in her energy level – where being her father, I become her friend too.

These days there are multiple ways to be fit – yoga, gym, options to cycle and run in the open, play sports and eat better. This is my promise to my daughter; this is my promise to me. As I embark on this journey, I urge each one of you to promise yourselves a healthier better life.

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