The last note


“Shall we go out for a movie tonight”, Shawn had asked her and she agreed. The movie date was perchance the right occasion for her to finally tell Shawn what’s perturbing her the past few months, Rebecca thought.

As Rebecca walked down the stairs of her building, she saw Shawn waiting outside on his bike. “Hey, you took a long time to dress up today, but surely looking prettier than ever”, he quipped as she smiled and sat behind him. As they raced away, he murmured that they were already late for the show, while her mind was on what she had to tell him that fateful night.


Shawn and Rebecca had fallen for each other during their college days and by the time they were in their final semester of studies, their love had bloomed fully. Going through the procedures of the campus interviews, they had wished that they go selected in the same company so that we would be able to be together always and for ever.

Rebecca had come out of the interview room thrilled and happy. She had just landed a job in one of the most sought after multinational corporates. Though she was a bit nervous before she went inside, Shawn was quite confident that she would crack it at her first attempt.

Shawn had mixed emotions when Rebecca came out and hugged him. As happy and elated he was on knowing that Rebecca had got through, he had to hide his nervousness too, he himself waiting to be called in for his turn.

As fate would have it, Shawn could not get through in the interview and their dream of working together was shattered. It was not that it mattered most, but it was a dream that they had nurtured together while they jointly prepared themselves for the selection rounds.

There were quite a few happy faces in the campus those days as most of the expected students walked away with appointment letters, but unfortunately Shawn wasn’t selected by anyone. He was surely not one of the mediocre students but luck wasn’t with him during the dialogue with the people who mattered.


It had been two years that Rebecca had been working with that organisation and had positioned herself in an impeccable and invincible position in the company. Through her hard work and dedication, she had climbed the ladder of success quite successfully.

However, for some odd reason, Shawn could never settle down in a proper job in these couple of years. He did try his hands at some odd jobs but not sticking on to any of these either because he could not get any job satisfaction or it wasn’t matching his temperament.

Rebecca and Shawn had been dating over these two years, initially quite regularly but her busy schedule at work was the reason the frequency of their meetings started reducing. Most often, it was not intentional but whenever Shawn used to call her for an outing, Rebecca would be really too tired to enjoy the jaunt.

There were instances when Rebecca’s lack of interest in the talks would be the bone of contention between the two when they met and the date would end up in ugly arguments which would upset both of them for days thereafter.


Rebecca was unnaturally silent throughout the ride to the movie theatre. Shawn had sensed that there was something which was bothering her. But he didn’t want to disturb her more with his questions before they enjoyed the movie. All throughout the movie too, Rebecca was unusually hushed up, he had noticed.

While they were riding back home, Shawn was convinced that there was something seriously wrong because of the painful silence they were sharing between them that evening. He was wondering whether to ask her now or later after he had dropped her home safely.

The last few occasions whenever Shawn had proposed that they meet, Rebecca had given unconvincing excuses, he had felt. He was a bit surprised when she had readily agreed when he had called her out for the movie early that evening, and hoping too that things would probably be working out.

However, her eerie silence that night confirmed his conviction. Shawn was still in his thoughts as they were nearing her house, when he felt Rebecca’s hands pressing against his shoulders on the back seat of his bike. Before he could react, he heard her telling him to pull over because she wanted to talk something.

With his chest pumping hard, Shawn screeched his bike to a halt and pulled over to the side hastily. Rebecca got down from the bike as he stopped, walked over to his front and held his trembling hands which were still holding on to the bike handle.

“I think my feelings towards you have changed over the last two years”, Rebecca looked straight in his eyes and said, as Shawn stared back at her in disbelief. As he kept gazing at her, she said that over these years things have changed a lot which has convinced her that they both were not made for each other anymore.

Shawn was still trembling as she held his hand one last time, as if gesturing him that it was time for both of them to move on. As Rebecca turned and started walking away, Shawn pulled her hand towards him. She had presumed that he would ask her to rethink, but instead he pulled out a folded note from his pocket and pressed it into her hands as a silent tear dripped down his cheek.

Before Rebecca could even react, Shawn had already started his bike and sped away. Rebecca kept looking till the vehicle disappeared from her sight into the darkness of the night and as she walked back to her house; she just held that little note still pressed firmly in her palm.

It was the continuous ring on her mobile phone, which startled Rebecca out of her sleep. She glanced at the wall clock which displayed the time as just past midnight as she looked at her phone. It was one of her college friends who was calling her, but why so late into the night, she wondered.

She picked up the phone and she stayed there frozen, as she heard the voice at the other end. “There’s terrible news, Shawn met with an accident while returning back home late night yesterday.  He is no more”.

The phone just dropped from her hands, as she looked at the crumpled little note lying on the table next to her bed.

In the dimness of the night lamp, Rebecca could read the scribbling on the note. For the last time ever, Shawn had written that note for her, “Without your love, I would die”.


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