Imagica – An experience when stories and folk-lore came alive



Weekends had been story time for me for years. I still fondly reminisce those days when my little daughters would eagerly await my weekly off so that they would spend time with their Dad, their best friend.


Stories of folk, grandmother and grandfather stories, fairy tales and tales of yore, all these would be what would keep my princesses entertained and would make weekends the best days of the week for me.


Ever since my daughters have grown up to adolescence and adulthood, those schedules of story-telling though went into oblivion for my kids, it still remained etched in my memory. Those were the days when my little kids used to believe in every word of the fable and lore that I narrated to them and I could really see the myths and the parables come alive in their tiny shining eyes.


When I got the opportunity to visit IMAGICA once again, this time with one of my daughters, I could surely not say no.


The event was a bloggers’ meet for the Diwali Fest at this wonderful theme park and showcase their latest attraction, the Imagica Snow Park, SNOMAGICA.

The Grand Diwali Fest going on from the 20th of October to 20th of November has several prizes on offer, including daily prizes, weekend rush prizes and grand prizes worth over Rs.15 lakhs up for grabs.


This newly opened Snow Park is surely one-of-its-kind indoor real snow based snow based theme park which brought to life the snow experience at sub-freezing temperatures.


We were virtually transported to Eskimo land while having fun riding down the toboggans and sliding down the slides in a raft. The climb up the rocky snowy mountains or just having a snowball fight watched over by the reindeers and the eels was as exciting as just relaxing and sipping a cup of tea and hot chocolate at sub-freezing temperature.


It’s not just adventure in snow-hiking or rafting, we surely had great fun shaking our legs at the dance floor or posing amidst the snow castle and its ice sculptures and the igloo too.


Covering an area of 15,000 sq. ft., it is one of India’s largest snow parks, the comestible snow prepared by throwing RO purified water at high speed in an enormous condenser, which condenses the water droplets to generate soft snow is edible without any chemicals and preservatives and 100% safe. So if you get hungry after all the adventure and snow play in there, you know what to eat.


We were also taken around for a quick round of the Imagica Water Park, AQUAMAGICA just to have a briefing of what’s in store there, making me promise my kid that I am going to go back there soon for a full day adventure in water sports.

photo10 photo9

We managed to salvage some time out for lunch as we headed for the IMAGICA CAPITAL, where we were treated with the great Indian Buffet of timeless Indian cuisine ranging from the Konkan to the Kashmir, South Indian to Bengali, Sindhi to Nawabi and more.


You had some free time for ourselves post lunch as we went around enjoying some of the wonderful rides at the Imagica Theme Park. You can check out my earlier blog post here to know the excitement in store..

photo14 photo13 photo15

After a much needed rest over some amazing food at the ARRMADA, we witnessed the GRAND IMAGICA PARADE, a spectacular experience of the perfectly choreographed magnificent parade which made its way through the streets of Imagica with over 100 performers accompanied by all the popular Imagica characters charming us in this biggest entertainment extravaganza.


While SUGAR BUZZ, the special candy store at the exit is a place to indulge for the ones with the sweet-tooth, we all can surely freeze our special #Imagical moments while in a ride or anywhere else in the park by taking home photo souvenirs.

To make the fun even more affordable, Imagica now has introduced a multi-park ticket where one can enjoy the theme park and the water park with one ticket for a visit to both parks within three days of the visit.


There are Ghar Se Ghar Tak Travel Packages on offer too which includes regular tickets, food and pick-up and drop in a chauffeur driven air-conditioned car from Mumbai or Pune.

I surely didn’t miss out exploring the wonderful merchandise collection including t-shirts, bags, coffee mugs and soft toys based on the spellbinding and favourite Zooballoo and other characters we encountered at each of the rides and the shows which was surely an opportunity for me to take home the fascinating world of Imagica where stories come alive.


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