The Beautiful Girl

Angel wasn’t born to rich parents, but she was incredibly beautiful. Her pretty face was the cynosure of all eyes wherever she went. #BeautifulGirl, while every boy in the neighbourhood wished to have her and wooed for her attention, she would reject the advances of all suitors, waiting for her handsome king in shining armour to come asking for her hand one day.

Very soon after Angel had completed her college studies, she met her prince charming, a handsome young boy. As expected, he fell for her charm and they started dating. She felt very happy being with him and he would always shower her with the best of gifts and all the compliments that she would not even expect.

As happily as every courtship should end, they both decided to get married too. All the friends and family who came for the wedding could not get their eyes of the beautiful bride and the handsome groom. While wishing the couple, every single guest agreed that they both made the perfect couple.

Angel’s fairy tale life with her husband was however very short-lived.  In a couple of years after their marriage, as the parties and trips together, the walking on the beach holding hands started wearing off, the sheen and anticipation of the gifts and presents too began to drain away.

It was not too long before Angel started realising that her handsome prince charming and now her husband wasn’t really as wonderful as she had expected. As they lived together, she started noticing that he wasn’t behaving with others, the way he used to behave with her.

Whenever they had fought over minor things before their nuptial, he would somehow make sure that they made amends before the day ended but ever since they were man and wife, he had never ever tried doing that. Angel realised that it was not just with her that his behaviour was that way. He was very egoistic and rude to everyone around, be it friends, relatives and acquaintances.

She understood that he was actually very selfish and mean and very shortly he started behaving like a tyrant to her too. To the world, he still wanted to boast about the beauty of his wife and so would make her accompany her wherever he went. When everyone would feel that he would always be around his wife, it did not take long for Angel to realise that the reason was just because he wanted to showcase her as his hunting trophy.

Angel’s world came crashing down when she realised and understood her husband’s false appearance. She did try to confront him about it but as she expected, he quite bluntly replied that he had chosen her only for her appearance. Very soon it was clear to her that she needed to accept her fate and live with it.

Every day and night, Angel would lament about the number of worthy men she had rejected just because she was charmed by this person. He even reminded her that even she had done the same thing, having rejected many a good and honest young boys.

Angel could do nothing but cry for days and nights no end, realising the truth in her husband’s cruel words. She decided to end it all by leaving him but when she asked him to be amicably separated, he rejected the idea forthwith.

Angel had chosen her life partner against the wishes of many and so he knew that she would not try to walk out of his life either. However, she did try to leave him, but she was stunned that he would not allow her to do that.

She understood that his reputation as an exceptional man among the society was built around the talk of her extraordinary beauty and he would not easily allow that to fall apart. Realising that he would not allow her to leave on her own accord, she made several attempts to escape but her efforts ended up being locked up alone or always under the close watchful eyes of his parents and other family members, whenever he wasn’t around at home.

Angel ended up mournful in captivity on her fate and the only thing that would cheer her up a bit was a little orphaned boy who used to do the household chores. The little child always had a liking for Angel from the day she had come to that house and she too always petted him like her own son.

Every day, when no one was around, the little boy would try to cheer her up by being by her side for as much time as possible, striking up conversation with her and provide her some company for her solace.

As a few days passed, Angel realised that this little boy would be able to help her escape the clutches of her tormentors and so one day she asked him for the favour. The boy told her that as much as he loved and respected her as his own mother, he would not be able to help her in escaping without the knowledge of the family members because he owed allegiance to the house where he worked and which earned him his livelihood.

The little boy told her that he would not be able to help her flee, but he knew the one and only way her husband would allow her to leave. Angel asked him how it would be possible and he replied that it would call for a great sacrifice on her part.

Angel was ready for any sacrifice to be able to escape from there and so she said that she was willing to do anything. The little boy explained to her that her husband wanted her only for your beauty and if she could be willing to disfigure her face, her husband would never want her to stay with him anymore.

She knew very well, the kind of despicable and miserable man her husband was behind that handsome face but disfiguring herself was asking for the unreasonable. Angel knew very well that her beauty is all she had. If she disfigured herself, she would have nowhere to go, she thought. She fathomed that no one would ever want to have anything to do with a horribly ugly and useless woman like what she would be.

The little boy understood her predicament and he explained to her that outward beauty is not everything. What matters is the real inner beauty; she realised and understood as she looked at the loving face of the little boy. Within minutes, it dawned upon her that she had started loving that little boy as her own son though he did not have an attractive face at all. The way the little boy understood her, she also knew that her beauty meant nothing to him the way he also loved her like his own mother.

Angel did not think anymore and she rushed to the kitchen, took out a knife and made two long deep gashes on her face. As she fell down bleeding, the little boy came running and held her hand. She could sense the happiness in the little boy’s heart knowing very well that she would be free soon.

As she recovered from her injury, with two ugly scars on both sides of her cheeks, Angel no longer had the pretty face that her husband would want. As expected, within no time, he only proposed that they separate and she was glad to accept the proposition.

As Angel walked out of the house, she was disfigured and ugly for the people in her life that mattered no more to her. But she knew that she was finally free and more beautiful than she ever was before.

Before stepping out of the house, Angel looked at herself in the mirror and realised how beautiful she looked deep down inside her heart. She walked out on the road, with her head held high, and as she saw the prying eyes staring at her, she smiled.

The beautiful girl knew there would be one pair of eyes among these who can see her real beauty deep inside her heart and give her the unconditional love that she longed for.

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