How can I make a difference? Just I alone cannot change the world!

These are questions and phrases that we hear every day. Let us be a bit more honest about it. We don’t just hear people saying these words, we ourselves say this so often.

We feel that we are not one of any importance to make any impact. We feel that no one would listen to us, but really so wrong are we. We fail to realise that the world is just waiting to hear from each one of us, because each one of us can make a difference.

Be #TheGoodYouCan because you can make a difference.

“We need to be the change we wish to see in the world”  We all have read and heard this famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi, but it is so ironical that we tend to forget the real essence of it.

Have you heard of the “butterfly effect”? It is a theory which highlights the fact that small causes can have large effects. It revolves around the philosophy that just one seemingly small action can have a much larger consequence on the world which might even change history, intended to imply that even the flap of a butterfly’s wings can cause a tornado.

A butterfly is a seemingly powerless tiny creature flapping its tiny wings, not even generating the power to alter the course of the wind, but it is still capable of creating those tiny changes in the atmosphere which may ultimately result in altering the path of a tornado or interrupt, hasten or even prevent the occurrence of one.

It is highly probable that had the butterfly not flapped its wings, the trajectory of the wind might have been totally different. The flapping of a butterfly’s wings just represents a small change in one of the initial conditions which has the domino effect of cascading into a large scale alteration of events.

Just like the butterfly, we too can do seemingly unimportant things but which can have a life changing effect on the whole world. A tiny gesture of the good you can do and look at the world can change the way people around you look at the world.

We can casually list out a few ways of how easy it is to make a humble beginning and realise the good you can do.

Do a carpool:  By just sharing a ride in one of their own vehicles, you not only share your operating and driving expenses, you do a great help to the environment by minimising the impact of pollution. The added advantage is lesser traffic on the road thereby minimising travel time not only for you but everyone out there on the road hard-pressed to reach their destination on time.

Idle engines at signals: By not keeping your vehicle engine revved up at long signals, you help the environment and the world by not just reducing the usage of a scarce resource but contribute in a substantial manner by reducing noise pollution.

Don’t honk: Adding on to the driving etiquettes, try not to honk when you are stuck at signals or in traffic. It is important to understand that the driver in the vehicle ahead of you is not moving due to some genuine reason and not for the fun of it. Honking continuously behind him is surely not going to help him ease his difficulty but rather is just adding on to the noise pollution all around.

Recycle paper: When the effects of deforestation is causing one of the most dreaded effects of global warming, it is important that we understand that a product of our daily use, the paper which is derived from plants and trees is used with prudence. While using paper in daily lives has become inevitable, the least you can do is to recycle used paper so that lesser trees need to be chopped down in the world.

Turn off water tap: The shortage of potable water for our household use has become a calamity across the world in most of the urban conglomerates. Judicious use of water by keeping the tap turned off while we use water, using flush to the minimum, watering the plants with water already used for domestic purposes are some gestures you can do to save this scarce resource for the future generation.

Don’t waste food: The fortunate among us who get our food to eat very easily, tend to waste it without realising it at all. When a majority of the population in this world is dying of hunger, the least you can do to help the cause is by not wasting food, serving yourself only as much as you can eat, giving away the left-over food in our houses and in parties to the less fortunate who are starving and longing for just one square meal a day.

Don’t litter: While we all love to be in a clean environment, we do not think a minute before just throwing away junk and garbage on the roads. By pledging yourself not to litter, either by throwing things or by spitting or defecating in public places, you can make the biggest impact on the society around you.

Don’t waste time: This may sound out of context for many, but time is precious and time is money, we all having been born into this world with a limited time-span. By being punctual at meetings and events, you are not only helping yourself, but serving a great deal to the other person by respecting his time and schedule.

Be a compassionate human being: Last but not the least, the best you can do to the world is to be a compassionate and understanding human being. You will not be remembered for your wealth or your qualification but by how you behaved with others. Your behaviour with others is what would percolate into how they would behave with others and them in turn with others eventually turning this entire world to be a peaceful and beautiful abode.

 A quote that can sum up all my thoughts, “Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as you can”


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