Fulfill your child’s every dream with Sabse Important Plan

We wish that we provide our child with the best of everything that is available. However, with mounting expenses and other commitments, it becomes difficult to cope up with every need of our child and unwittingly it becomes impossible to provide them the best of everything.

Though we think of keeping aside some funds every month for that proposed lump sum investment at the end of the year, it usually happens that some unexpected circumstances leave us high and dry before we realize that we are left with nothing more to invest.

In such scenario, we wish we had the option of investing a fixed amount of money every month without worrying about creating a corpus to start investing. Systematic Investment Plan enables us to put together an investment portfolio with a small methodical investment at periodic intervals as per our convenience.

Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund has a unique SIP which can surely be classified as the Sabse Important Plan. Whatever the reason for our investment and savings, be it tax savings, wealth creation or retirement corpus, there are investment plans suitably designed as per our requirement.

A systematic Investment plan allows us the benefit and advantage of investing small amounts of money at periodic intervals. Providing one time instruction to our bankers to allow auto debit of the investment amount as per the chosen periodicity from our bank account.

The best SIP plans also offer a multitude of other benefits. Having the leverage of being able to start investing with smaller amounts as low as Rs.500 per month, SIP Mutual Fund investments allows investors of all financial background and capabilities to invest in the capital markets easily without feeling the squeeze of lump sum investment.

The Sabse Important Plan by Birla Sun Life understands that the reason for investment may be myriad depending upon each person’s needs and hence has designed plans to suit our individual requirement.

Systematic Investment Plans also provide various tax benefits in the form of investment in equity linked schemes being totally exempt from capital gains tax if held for a period of more than 12 months and even otherwise being taxed on first-in first-out basis.

#BirlaSIP first understands our requirement of the funds and our appetite to take risks to recommend the plans best suited for us depending upon our age, our earnings and our ability to invest what percentage of our earnings to recommend the portfolio best suited for our needs.

Being nothing but small amounts of money invested on a pre-set date at pre-set periodicity into specific mutual funds brings an investment discipline for a novice investor and hence Sabse Important Plan by Birla Sun Life is one of the top SIP plans and hence the best way of entering the equity market.

Everyone has their own dreams and goals that they want to fulfill. SIP will be that one-stop solution for fulfilling these dreams.

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