Signal the beginning of family time with The Range Cutter

Mobile phones were invented to bring people closer. Perhaps that is what it was supposed to do.

But the sad truth is that though cell phones have made communication easier, it has actually taken people far from each other too.

In a family, there was a time when parents came home from work; it was total family time with each other and with their kids. Not anymore, as people always are so engrossed with their cell phones that kids invariably get neglected.

People are nowadays accustomed to keeping their mobile phones at arms’ reach away to be “in touch” with others, but they fail to understand that this behaviour of theirs is having a profound effect on their family and kids.

Most of us spend our time living in the virtual world of being in touch with the people away from us and in this bargain we lose touch with the people who are close to us in our own homes, our own family.

How often we wish if we could schedule a specific tech-free family time to be with our children with any unnecessary distractions. How often we wish that our mobile phones just won’t ring when we are with our family.

Thanks to @home, the retail division of Nilkmal Limited, we can really reclaim our quality family time switched off from the ringing of our mobile phones.

We just need to use our furniture to turn off mobile phone signals because The Range Cutter is a revolutionary range of furniture from @home with a revolutionary technology hidden in it.

Looking just like an elegant furniture piece, India’s 1st ever furniture mobile jammer creates a strong interface by emitting a signal in the same frequency that cell phones use, thus effectively blocking its transmission.

There is a massive 75% launch discount for the first 500 buyers for this life changing product which works on the following technology to #BringFamiliesCloser 

Tuning Circuit – to control frequency range

Frequency generator – to jam signals

Voltage-controlled oscillator – generating radio signal to interface with mobile signals

RF amplification – to boost the power of radio signals.

Check out this video to see how you can have a peaceful, fruitful and happy family time.




Hey there! There can be no technology which can give you a peaceful family time. It is totally up to you to decide whether you can cut off your mobile signals when you need to spend quality time with your family and the ones who matter to you.

You don’t need a range cutter to make you have a fruitful family time. What you need is the will to cut off the range.

The mention of the “Range Cutter” as a piece of furniture was surely an All Fools Day prank.

However, do check out @home because all the products sold on the website are genuine.

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