Best Buddy’s Café – Food review

Buddies buy you a brunch; best buddies eat your brunch.

Hectic week-long schedule leaves me just the Sunday morning to catch up with my buddies. A lazy late wake-up and brunch with them is what makes a perfect weekend for me.

When you plan to hang out with your best buddies, you need to be at a place where your buddies eat your brunch than buy you one. Best Buddy’s Café just recently opened at Oshiwara is one of the perfect places for such a setting.

The Drinks:

LAD Sangria: The drink had a good punch of lemonade and fruits mixed with the Sangria syrup to make up for the absence of red wine, but I would have preferred to have it in a little spicier variety. 

Peanut Butter Frappe: I generally avoid peanut but I was glad I didn’t this time. The drink was chilled to perfection with an absolutely slushy consistency. 

Brownie Chocolate Frappe: Yet again chilled to the best, this drink is a delight for every chocolate lover. With loads of chocolate flavour though it doesn’t have chocolate chunks in it, it gives a feeling of a smooth chocolate shake. 

The Food:

O-Ring Shorty: Starting off with the small bites, the onion rings were absolutely crispy and non-oily. The rings were stacked up as a tower and the menu says it is a shorter version of the famous tower, though I did not find a taller version anywhere in the menu. The rings are served with sour cream, which was creamy and sour to perfection.

BBC Chicken Wings: The chicken wings were quite juicy and tossed in BBQ sauce which gave it the perfect spicy-tangy flavour. 

Texas Toast Sandwich: I went for the vegetarian version for a change and it was really good. The paneer cubes stuffed in between the breads were really soft and fresh and went well with the roasted veggies and loads of cheese. The sandwich was served with siding of potato wedges and fries too. 

Chicken Shawarma: The marinated chicken breast stuffing in the bread roll was really very tender and soft. The creamy sauce oozing out as you take a bite of the thin roll makes it quite an interesting version with a mixture of creamy garlic sauce, spiced potatoes, lettuce and tomatoes. The hummus served with it was too good. Surprisingly though, I missed the pickled beetroot in it. 

Pizza Chicago Style: The thin crust base was really crispy and baked to perfection, not leaving a little raw spot anywhere (the edges a bit burnt though). The topping had loads of cheese with magnanimous chicken too, ham, salami and sausages, interspersed with roasted bell pepper, onion ring, mushrooms and olives. 

Alfredo Sauce Pasta: The penne pasta was quite truly Italian served on a bed of alfredo sauce which was really very buttery and creamy as much as it was cheesy too, the flavour of parmesan quite evident. The mushrooms went well with the saucy dish.

BBC Chicken Steak: The chicken breast was absolutely succulent and the surprise element was the stuffing with olives, jalapeno, mushrooms and cheese. The grilling was perfect and retained the juiciness of the chicken and really went well with the spinach sauce and the grilled veggies served as sides. 


After the success of two outlets at Dehradun, the third outlet opened in Mumbai has a perfect setting for a lazy hangout over some amazing food.

The ambience and the décor inside inspire a college canteen feel and the menu card styled like a note book literally transports you back to your academic years.

They have some amazing table games which we so dearly miss these days, making sure that we keep our mobile phones away and spend some real quality time with our buddies, no matter what age group we are in.

The food styling, plating and presentation are absolutely impressive. The beverages (all non-alcoholic) whether in the hot or the cold varieties along with the food makes it one of the coolest places to catch with your best buddies.

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