Le Farm, cavaut le detour

Living in the hustle and bustle of the ever-busy city of Mumbai, have we not dreamed of spending some time amidst the serene nature, taking a stroll in the woods, staring at the pristine waters in the lake, sleep on the terrace breathing the purest air possible.

We all have, but unfortunately lack of time is what makes us postpone our plans over and over again till we reach a stage that it never happens. While we lament at the loss, we wish there was a place close to our city, where we could go and spend a blissful weekend.

Le Farm, situated at Kamshet at village Bhajgaon, just two hour drive from Mumbai is the place to relax. C’est l’endroit où se détendre. As soon as you reach the gate of this sprawling estate spread over 15 acres on the banks of Lake Vadivale, you are greeted with mango tree plantations on both sides of the entrance road.

The cars reach till the main entrance of a huge palatial bungalow, the doors to which open up to a huge 7 bedroom house.  

The main seating and four bedrooms are situated on the ground floor along with the kitchen and two bedrooms on the first floor including a master bedroom fit for the kings. 

The passage and the main seating area are adorned by beautiful paintings and several artefacts which are specially imported from Bali and provide the complete exquisite look to this beautiful house. 

The farm house is situated in the middle of the extensive farm which grows fruits and vegetables of various varieties. There are mangoes, jackfruits, water-apples, goose-berries, pineapples and sapodilla which can be plucked and eaten. 

The organic farm grows the vegetables which are used for the in-house kitchen. It’s a visual treat seeing the onions, the tomatoes and the chillies pure without any chemicals or pesticides. 

A walk down the estate down the hill, leads you to the lake Vadivale where the pure and clear water allows you to see till the depth like a glass. The trek down to the lake and back transports you to a totally different world altogether. 

The garden area surrounding the farm house is laid down with beautiful lawns converting it into a huge garden ornamented by flowering plants and others of abundance. The entire garden area is also decorated with beautiful artefacts. 

The dining area is kept away from the bungalow to give it the exclusive feeling and is made in the form of a glass house, cooled naturally with the help of water sprinklers which gives an amazing dining experience amidst nature. 

The garden area also lays down a BBQ in the night with some absolutely lip-smacking delicacies on the tandoor which are enough to blow you out of your senses. 

The food that is served at the dining are made with so much passion by the staff that it gives you a feeling of having absolutely homemade food. The vegetables used in the cooking are mostly that are grown in the farm. 

The farm house is self sufficient and equipped with all the amenities to provide you with all the needs for complete relaxation and repose during your entire stay. 

For a home away from home, yet so near, for a tranquil and caring feeling, Le Farm is the perfect getaway for a luxurious stay giving you the feeling of a home stay in a farm house. 

So, whether it is adventure, relaxation or exploration on your mind, Le Farm provides you the perfect setting for whatever your spirit desires. 

The modern amenities interspersed with the historical artefacts and serene surroundings gives you that all amazing feeling of modern and rustic fusion. 

The hospitality of the staff at the Farm makes you want to stay longer and while you leave you are pampered and surprised by some freshly plucked fruits and vegetables from the farm as a takeaway which will make you remember this immaculate farmhouse and its unspoiled surroundings longing you to come back again… and again. 

Whether it is a weekend getaway or an occasion to distress, one trip to this place is sure to make you feel rejuvenated and revitalised.


Je vous le raconte, cavaut le detour; I have to tell you, it’s worth the trip.

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