Secure Life’s financial stages with Guaranteed Returns

Investment and savings is purely a personal subject, based on each person’s needs and aspirations and hence would vary from person to person.

What may be sufficient for me may perhaps not be the quantum justified for another person. Based on his personal requirements and necessities it may either be more or maybe insufficient.

However, even in this diverse requirement of personal savings and investment, what remains constant is that every individual needs money to fulfil his or her three financial needs. The quantum of money required, the time when it is required would vary but the fact remains that the money is required to fulfil the three key commonplace needs of every individual.

The financial needs of every individual can be met only if there is a concrete plan these three commonplace needs, i.e. wealth generation, accumulation and enhancement.

It is hence absolutely necessary that you have a guaranteed financial strategy that recognises your financial needs which are subject to constant state of change. It is imperative that we understand that it is not just the financial markets that fluctuate but our own financial needs do change over time.

The three primary financial life stages that we all go through as we age may not exactly be as predictable as we would like it to but fortunately follow a pattern as we move ahead in our life.

(a) Wealth generation is needed when we start out. The money is to be generated to take care of our financial constraints, be it starting a family, buying a house or growing a career or business;

(b) Wealth accumulation is needed at the next stage of our life when we have reached a certain pinnacle in our career and we need money to sustain our lifestyle. This is time when the money is required at the most, right from taking care of our children’s higher education and marriage to the aspect of planning to enjoy the rapidly approaching retirement; and

(c) Wealth enhancement is needed at the last stage of our financial life, i.e. our retirement. Though we tend to assume that our lifestyle in our retirement will depend on the wealth that we have accumulated during the second stage of our life, what many our us tend to forget is that with the regular income from our employment or business no longer flowing into our bank account, our wealth pot is likely to run down sooner or later. This is the time we want our money to enhance and grow to substitute for our lost income and ensure that we have enough to last our expected lifetime.

Though following a pattern, these stages are not exactly predictableas our income levels, spending patterns, family situations and areas of financial concern are more likely than not to keep fluctuating.

To take care of the uncertainties and unpredictability of our life’s financial stages, we wish we could have the option of having guaranteed returns for a long term.

With interest rates rapidly falling across Asian markets over the last 10 years, traditional fixed deposits with Banks surely does not secure this risk for long term. Not offering long terms on fixed deposits anymore, we face the risk of renewing our term deposits at the prevailing interest rate since the interest rates on these fixed deposits keep on fluctuating.

We wish we had an investment plan which really secures the return of our investments for a really long time by keeping the interest rates remained locked in for the entire tenure of the investment. Edelweiss Tokio Life offers us this investment plan called the GCAP which provides guaranteed good returns for a really long time, as long as 30 years with the interest rates remaining locked in for the entire tenure. What makes it more attractive than traditional fixed deposits is that the returns are totally tax free.

With interest rates even in rapidly growing Asian economies like China, Thailand and South Korea dropping to less than 5%, it is quite possible that India will follow suit too. Even in this volatile scenario, this guaranteed returns plan offers a return of well over 5%.

Considering the tax benefits [80C and 10(10D)], the returns would be well over 7.50% for the highest tax bracket individuals, thus making it a smart tax saving plan too.

Edelweiss Tokio Life –GCap also provides several enhanced protection in the form of income replacement to the family in case of your absence or critical illness, cover against disability through accidents and the  policy continuing without premium payment in case of these eventualities, at just small amounts of extra premium.

Everyone wants to secure their child’s future and there would not be a better proposition than GCap. By just opting for the Payor Waiver Benefit (PWB) rider, you ensure that your child continues to enjoy the policy’s benefit without the worry of premium payment, even in your absence. Opting for instalments also ensures that the payout is mapped with your child’s education fees.

Now we can secure our life’s financial stages with guaranteed returns from Edelweiss Tokio Life – GCap


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