White Rose Café Food review

White Rose is the emblem of Yorkshire or the House of York.

I am not sure whether it was this aspect which prompted the name for this Café at Lokhandwala to be named as the White Rose Café, but there is quite an abundance of English flavour in the breakfast that they serve.

The casual weekend breakfast that I went for turned out to be an all egg-affair. Their menu has quite a variety of this high protein and vitamin inducing dish loved by almost everyone on the planet.

My menu for the morning:


Egg Benedict: The traditional American/English breakfast dish was quite authentic in its taste, the English muffin base being quite fresh and soft. I would have loved to have it with bacon, the way it should be but chicken sausage ribbons weren’t a bad idea though. The eggs were poached to perfection and the hollandaise sauce flowing over it was quite buttery.

Egg Florentine: Styling and preparation wise, it was quite similar to the benedict, except that the meat is replaced with spinach. The poached eggs was good here too, and the hollandaise sauce emulsion of the egg yolk topping was as buttery and lemony as it should be.

Scrambled Egg: With an option to choose between whole egg or just egg white, I chose the former. The dish was very cheesy with loads of tomato, onion, grilled veggies and mushroom chopped and mixed. I would have preferred a bit more spiciness in it, perhaps the chilli a bit less to be palate.

Fluffy Omelette: This time, I chose the egg white, not for any other reason but understanding that the yolk may not give it the real fluffiness. The ingredients were similar to what was mixed in the scrambled egg and it was unbelievably fluffy, as if just baked and served. The scrambled egg and the omelette were served with two half slices of large toast and some potato wedges.

Beetroot Risotto: A glance at their menu card made me realise that there is much more to offer here than just English breakfast. Though quite full, just for taste, I tried out the Beetroot Risotto. The risotto was quite creamy and the beetroot juice and chunks added to it gave it that required stunning colour and delicate sweetness.


Banoofee: The smoothie had an abundance of banana, with caramel, milk and espresso coffee and was quite reasonably refreshing.

Oreo, Almond, Ice cream and milk: I had always wondered what all one can make with Oreo and this milk shake I had was another revelation. The drink was very smooth and creamy.

Tiramisu Frappe: The frappe mixture of espresso and cream is given a twist in Italian style with the addition of cream cheese to take it to the whole new level of deliciousness. The whipped topping and chocolate shavings scooped out with the cream cheese gives one a feeling of having a dessert.

Lemon Ginger Tea: I ordered for this only hot beverage but wasn’t too happy to find that they just serve the readymade flavoured tea bags to be dipped in hot water. I would prefer to have this tea freshly made.


Mango Cheese Cake: A good variant of its more illustrious cousin, the blueberry version, the cheesiness was perfect and went well with the tanginess of the mango puree topping. The base was really soft and yet crunchy.

Chocolate Mud Cake: The cake was very moist and rich, with loads of chocolate and topped with thick chocolate ganache icing.


The retro décor and seating makes it look like the roadside café that line the streets of Europe and the lighting is done to perfection to enable one to enjoy spending long hours here.

White rose is a symbol of innocence, of a world unspoilt and untarnished. It conveys a feeling of hope, symbolising new beginnings too. My casual breakfast on a Saturday morning did end up with admiration and adoration, features linked to white roses.

I did walk out with an absolutely unspoilt and untarnished image of this eating place.

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