Two birds with one stone – dual benefit of protection and growth

Life is full of uncertainties and that is the reason we all need to have a life insurance policy to cover the contingency linked with our life.

A regular term life insurance may provide the sum assured in the event of a loss of life whereas an endowment policy may provide both death and maturity benefits.

Human life cannot be valued in monetary terms. A normal life insurance policy, be it a term or an endowment, just tries to determine a pecuniary and financial sum to be paid to our surviving dependants or after the end of the term.

In other words, protection is what is offered in such type of insurance policies but unfortunately the most important aspect of growth is not taken care of at all.

When we are forced to scout for alternative investment options to take care of growth of our savings, we are always faced with the predicament of having insufficient funds at our disposal for this dual investment.

How we wished, our life insurance policy could take care of both these aspects. Isn’t hitting two birds with one stone, always a happy and satisfying feeling!

Loss of income or of life happens suddenly and unexpectedly any moment without any prior notice. This may result in an abrupt end to all our financial dreams and aspirations that we had planned for our family members.

Times are very uncertain and in the fast paced life that we all live in today, we all need to carefully plan our investments so that it provides the dual advantage of protection and growth and at the same time provides a multitude of investment options.

Changing needs and aspirations as well as the growing expectations has propelled us to look for such investment options with allows flexibility to choose from a basket of products and also keeps us updated with market insights to allow us to stay invested during the periods of uncertainty.

In these difficult times when we wish to #InvestBefikar, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance is coming up with an unit linked insurance plan which provides the cushion of both protection and growth to ensure that our family members are able to achieve all the financial goals that we have planned for them.

This could perhaps be the best insurance cover coupled with a smart investment so that the desires of our loved ones are not disrupted by any eventuality in our lives.

This new product from Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance which is coming soon is sure to fortify the brand’s overall product offerings and help us all chart our financial planning in a worry free manner by being able to #JiyoBefikar.

For more updates on the amazing features of this amazing product which will be unveiled on the 22nd of June 2017, visit their twitter handle at @BajajAllianzLIC and learn how we can #InvestBefikar.

You can stay tuned to my website for more updates about the launch and #JiyoBefikar.

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