A vida é bela

I am a travel freak and that surely makes my daughters happy. Staying in hotels and resorts is an inevitable part of a travel itinerary.  What makes a trip memorable is not just the beauty and serenity of the place but the comfort of your stay as well.

When I told my family that I am planning a drive down to Kalamboli in Navi Mumbai to spend the weekend, they weren’t too excited. This place, where we pass on our way to the hill stations of Lonavla or during our trips to Pune, had for most of us, known to be a transport hub with serpentine queues of trucks and tankers lining up the road.

But then, though amused at my choice, my kids decided to accompany me with just one thing in mind, “My father knows”.

Pallavi Avida, situated at Kalamboli is where I headed to with family last weekend and when their special luxury pick-up car arrived at our gate, my kids realised that their father knows at least something.

The hotel has a dedicated luxury car service for pick-up and drop of guests from airports, railway stations and other locations. With very cordial drivers driving you in the comforts of the luxury sedans, you already feel at home before you check in to their rooms.

Avida is a word of Hebrew origin and it means “my father knows”. As we checked in to our rooms where we were welcomed by the hospitable staff with a huge spread of two baskets, one full of fruits and the other with packaged snacks, my kids seem to be quite convinced that their father knows quite a bit.

Getting back to a serious note, A Vida means life and this hotel surely knows how to pamper the lives of their guests to their utmost satisfaction.

The hotel also houses an all-day diner restaurant named Ikka at its ground floor, which would mean Ace and this place surely is an ace of cards in taste and style, the way the breakfast is served to ace up your morning.

If you are someone who prefers a lazy morning wakeup, this restaurant allows you to pull out your Ace in the game of food. It is said that getting good food is a destiny. And destiny plays its cards in a way we cannot understand. There’s nothing satisfying than a great meal and a great sleep for a Sunday afternoon. To a large extent, the latter depends upon how satisfying was the former.

When you feel that life is a shitty hand of cards, we pray that we are able to pull out an Ace. Ikka would mean Ace and this place surely is an ace of cards in taste and style serving some amazing Indian and Pan-Asian cuisine.

Excellent is the word and it comes from Attitude and Commitment, and that’s how I would define this restaurant. ACE – (A)ttitude + (C)ommitment = (E)xcellence.

It’s not just therapy for your palate that you long for but for our body, mind and spirit too. A great massage is like getting a perfect life partner; sometimes hard to find but always worth the effort.  Panchendriya, the Kerala Ayurvedic Spa situated at the tenth floor of this hotel, is the place to relax, rejuvenate, breath, refresh, enjoy, nourish, renew and if you have any more reasons to hit the spa.

People say the effects of massage don’t last….well, neither do the effects of bathing. Which is exactly why it is recommended that you do both often.

Managed by professional masseurs from Kerala’s famous Panchendhriya Ayurgruhum Ayurvedic Hospital, you are sure you are under trained hands right from the time they start kneading your tired body with their nimble fingers.

The fitness room at the hotel also houses a reasonably well equipped Gymnasium where one can have a morning workout of the body before the daily routines of life. 

Get in there with all your stress and anxiety and walk out completely relieved. It’s a complete therapy for your body, mind and spirit. Don’t ask me why I get a massage. Ask yourself why you don’t.

The hotel also houses a well-equipped bar on the ground floor, in perfect lounge settings and a pool table for a chill out in the evenings. The bar wasn’t open when I visited due to some pending licenses, but I was told that it would be open by this month itself.

The first floor of the hotel houses three banquet halls with different guest capacities. Named after exotic flowers, the banquet halls are designed in such a way that it would suit any requirements, be it a corporate conference, a small birthday or kitty party or a grand wedding.

The Orchid Banquet is a completely pillar less rectangular space with a 120 pax seating capacity, while the Lily Banquet has a 150 pax seating capacity. For those who want to keep their parties absolutely personal and family oriented, they have the Daisy Banquet suitable for small gatherings and private functions.

The hotel has very cordial and friendly staff and the room service and housekeeping are comparable to the best in the business. The only flaw that I could possibly think of is that the rooms were a bit small and cramped in size. With 72 rooms and suites spread over thirteen floors, I felt that they could have cut down on the number of keys by increasing the size of the rooms. Not having a swimming pool may also be a slight disadvantage and a dampener for guests who would like to have complete luxury.

Pallavi Avida is surely a place to drop in for a peaceful and comfortable stay and enjoy the beauty of life.

A vida é bela – surely, Life is Beautiful

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