It’s time you listen to your body

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We all carry multiple responsibilities in our lives, be it our job, our business, taking care of our family; and while we get engrossed in these responsibilities which are created by ourselves and sometimes thrust upon us by the society, one thing which is pertinently overlooked is to listen to our body.

It might come as an astonishment to many of us, but it’s a fact that our bodies are exceptionally smart. We can avoid some serious medical conditions if we just take the time to listen to our body. When you experience a pain in some part of the body, your body is definitely telling you that something is not right; and so it is up to you to immediately figure out that it is a signal, a sign, and catch it.

While we all get busy making plans and schedules even more than we are personally capable of handling, our body does send us messages reminding us and sadly they go unattended. We need to understand that by doing so we have stopped paying attention to the most important thing – our own body.

We all understand better when things are explained with examples we see every day. Most of us drive cars and hence know that a blinking “check engine” light is a warning that it will inevitably result in a breakdown if not attended immediately. Our body’s warning signals are similar to that, perhaps a bit more subtle. But when it comes to preventing small symptoms from turning into lasting and serious health issues, these are signs which we need to catch; signs which act as our first line of defence.

You just need to resolve to pay a little extra close attention to your bodies’ blinking “check engine” lights. Listening to your body could be the difference between taking just a day off to get a body check-up done and losing months or years, or perhaps even our entire life to a serious ailment, which may be on the anvil.

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Many of us would admit that often there are times we feel these signals for ourselves, but for some inexplicable reasons, we do not act or act very little when these signs comes. It is just an act of our own will, our commitment, which needs to take place if we want to respond to the signs our body is sending.

You just need to catch the signs and listen to your body as an act of habit. By doing so, you come one step closer to understanding the signals your body is sending and also learning how to respond to them.

In order to learn to listen to your body, you must first learn to recognise and catch the signs it is sending you. It’s not that difficult; learning how to listen to your body is entirely dependent on you not feeling well, and just realising that. It’s just that simple.

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So act now. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance has taken up an initiative of making you responsible towards your health and offers a comprehensive body check-up on select packages with SRL.

Visit and protect yourself and your family.

With major illnesses like heart attack, cancer, kidney failure and the like affecting lakhs of Indians every year, the timely battle against it has become very necessary. The power to keep yourself protected is in your own hands. You just need to #CatchTheSigns and #ListentoBody

Watch this video and tell me if you have listened to your body. I would love to hear your story in the comments section below.

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