Kya Chal Raha Hai

A question you can’t avoid as an avid investor in the stock market is Market Mein Kya Chal Raha Hai (what’s happening in the market).

When it’s always market on your mind, isn’t it logical that you need to carry the share market in your pocket.

Whether it’s just checking the market pulse, trading or getting insights and inputs while you are on the go, you need an App that’s the best answers that pertinent question, Kya Chal Raha Hai.

The world’s fastest growing economy that we live in, when we need the most unbiased information of the market which is easy to understand, timely to execute and relevant to our investment goals, we wish for a share trading App having Speed, Stability and Simplicity.

With keeping customers’ needs at the core as its philosophy, EMT (Edelweiss Mobile Trader) is the highest rated and best app for share trading in India, rated at 4.4 on Android and 4.3 on iOS, way ahead of its competitors.

The technologically advanced EMT App is designed to empower all the share market enthusiasts to track and trade in Equity, Commodity and its Derivatives across the different exchanges, i.e. NSE, BSE, MCX and NCDEX absolutely free and in an absolutely seamless manner.

The innovative EMT App also provides you free access to getting stock recommendations from the Edelweiss research team while tracking the share market, following the major indices with smart and customisable market watch, live news and advanced technical charting options.

User input forms a huge part of the development and enhancement of this App with special attention given to each one of the over 700 user feedback mails and SMSes received every day, making the EMT App a WOW experience for users.

Here are five good reasons for having the EMT App downloaded and installed on your mobile phone immediately.

Live share market information:

To trade real time, you should have access to the share market information real time. EMT provides real time streaming quotes from NSE and BSE and also the SGX Nifty with a delay of just 10 minutes. The tracking of the watch-list and the monitoring the market is absolutely free, available in guest mode too even if you aren’t logged in.

Comprehensive market report:

With dedicated sections for Equities, Commodities and Derivatives, EMT allows you to get insight into the market with information such as Market Map, Top Gainers and Losers, 52 Week High and Low, Most active stocks etc. For a deeper insight, it has Volume Buzzers, FII DII Flows, Sector wise performance, Roll-over analysis and Option Chain. The events calendar helps you track upcoming results, corporate actions and economic events for the day, the week as well as the next week enabling you to plan your trade well in advance.

Wide-ranging trends and charts:

The live streaming data and variety of charts in the EMT with 17 of the most popular technical indicators and overlays with live tick-by-tick intraday charts allows you to track the trends and do your research for taking the right decisions every single time on the move from virtually anywhere.

Single step login:

Once having completed the one time registration, the single login to the EMT for trading in both Equities and Commodities has been kept absolutely simple with just a single step of entering your password; just a walk in the park.

Three Steps Trading:

It’s T for Trade, which you would find on every screen on the EMT App. You just need to tap the T button, add the quantity and click submit to complete your trade.

For that share market fanatic in you who likes to track the share market live and trade in quick and easy steps with just that pertinent question, Market mein kya chal raha hai, the Edelweiss Mobile Trader lets you experience the share market like never before from anywhere, in real time.

Watch this Video and then go ahead and download this revolutionary Edelweiss Mobile Trader App to follow and take control of the share market and your money, like never before.

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