Stupid Indian Politicians

Our politicians bicker with each other clamouring for votes but when it comes to stupidity, they match each other cutting across party lines.

Stupid comments by politicians are no surprise but what astonishes is that they continue to go full throttle on stupidity, spewing senseless statements, subjecting us to dumb shit.

We may doubt their sanity, make us laugh and sometimes make us cry, but they surely seem to get away again and again even after hurting a lot of sentiments, just because we seem to have a short memory.

It’s not the first time Indian politicians have made such absurd and insensitive statements and it most definitely will not be the last, but these clearly show their low standards.

Please don’t read this and forget. Remember this whenever you go to cast your vote.

I am not stopping for the dearth of stupidity of the politicians; just pausing for the sake of sanity.

All pictures sourced through Google Search, credit to respective sites that created them

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