The blame game

Let’s play a game.

Take up a word, and start blaming. Why not start with a word which is in the news recently.


We can put the first blame on the perverts who aren’t satisfied with, say, self-indulgence, or are unable to indulge as much as they would like.

We can blame the Government that it has been absolutely inactive and insensitive to all this and also because it has banned porn in all form.

If you are pro any ruling party, you can easily transfer the blame on opposition for trying to create these situations.

If you are one of those intellectuals in the Haryana Khap, rape is to be blamed on chowmein. What can the poor souls, stuffed with chowmein, do when they see a girl alone, if not rape her?

Finally, we can blame the girl. There are many among us who believe that 90% of rape cases are consensual. And for those who don’t, perhaps the scantily clad damsel, out of home after hours wolfishly lures the sheep into raping her.

So, we can put the blame on any one of these five. But didn’t we miss one side of this unsolvable Rubik’s cube – You and I.

Remember when we were just kids and we blamed our siblings or even friends for things which happened and which were not supposed to happen. It is just human tendency or rather survival instinct to find an escape route.

Let’s now play the game with tables turned.

We blame the system without even realizing the fact that it’s we who twisted the system every time we needed a quicker and simpler way out.

We blame our politicians, but many of us don’t even cast our vote and many cast without any thought or research, rather follow few friends or a limited social circle.

We blame the media, but what they show is what we like to watch. May be some of us do not care about all that un-necessary drama on the news channels, the shouting, the debate but again it’s their job; might be overdoing it sometimes but at least they  do their job.

Because You and I are “(He’s the) hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now” as right now we are little too busy.

So let us continue to play this blame game while still holding on to our end of the rope and keep faith that we will hang on till the dawn comes.


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