Smart Business Solutions beyond Mobility

The recent structural reforms, such as the Goods and Services Tax (GST) by the Indian Government has seen the country undergoing rapid transformation, with business houses requiring to think of changing conventional business areas to digital by transforming businesses beyond mobility.

Bosch India is a company which has been a leading player in the mobility space with its auto components and technology over the last few years. The Company’s beyond mobility solutions have grown by 35 per cent, contributing greatly to the Bosch Group’s turnover.

Bosch India showcased its connected products and smart solutions for sectors beyond the mobility space, at its recent Beyond Mobility 2.0 event at its Indian Headquarters at Adugodi in Bengaluru.

At the event, the company which generates 80 per cent of its revenue from the mobility space showcased its connected solutions for various other sectors based on growing infrastructure and consumer demand.

The event commenced with a keynote address by Soumitra Bhattacharya, Managing Director, Bosch Limited and President, Bosch Group, India. Talking about the company’s beyond mobility solutions, he said that the Company’s business is in a process of profound transformation from a hardware focus to models that focus more on services and data. He highlighted the Company’s capability to develop greenfield technology that can power industries in a new-age manner. The key to success will be in partnership with local players to drive connectivity forward and a localized strategy to meet consumer demand, he opined.

“Bosch India looks at India first, not Bosch”, he quipped, kick-starting the one-day media interaction. He went on to add that Bosch is one of the largest Innovative companies in the world with a dedicated spending of 8% to 10% in Research and Development of their overall turnover, being one of the largest manufacturing group with more than 6,75,000 turnover globally, employing around 4 Lakh employees and present in 150 countries. He added that Bosch India is having the largest R&D Centre with close to 59,000 working for R&D, after Germany where the global headquarters is located.

A short video on the keynote address:

Video source credit: Bosch India

Bosch pursues a “3S” strategy in India – sensors, software, and services, and these are the areas of the company’s prime focus. The areas that Bosch is currently focusing on beyond mobility, include – connected industry, energy efficiency, smart home, smart cities and connected transportation, digital services for all segments, energy solutions and more.

The company also presented its digital transformation solution – Phantom, for SMEs that gives the SME owners analytic and real-time data for their machinery, and this is offered to the companies on subscription bases.

Various other solutions that the company offers include RFID-based tracking tags for power tools, automatic solutions for production facilities, connected tech for home appliances and more.

Smart security solutions for cities, especially for crowded areas like metro stations and airports among others, were also highlighted.

Speaking about the importance of adapting Smart Manufacturing process in India, Dr. Andreas Wolf, Joint Managing Director, Bosch Limited, India mentioned that there is a huge gap in the actual implementation of Automation in India, and the scope of improvement is exciting.

A short video of the highly engrossing session:

Video source credit: Bosch India

The future or Robots in India was highlighted by Mr. Hans Bangert, Managing Director of Bosch Rextroth while Mr. Dattatri Salagame discussed the transformation business of Bosch India.

Focussing on Industry 4.0 technology which is a key component of Bosch’s beyond mobility, Bosch is building smart factories with focus on automation, digitalization, AI and IoT that are boosting productivity, quality and safety.

Bosch does not just sell products, but intelligent solutions as well which allows self-learning through data and analytics. Out of the three Artificial Intelligence Centres in the World that Bosch has, one is situated in Bengaluru apart from the other two in Germany and USA.

The media was given meaningful insight on various other topics by the other learned speakers too. Mr. Mohandas Mekanapuruth from Bosch Energy spoke about Energy Scope while Mr. Sudhir Tiku from Bosch Security spoke about Connected Transportation. Mr. Gunjan Srivastava from Bosch gave a presentation about Household Appliances while  Power tools solutions to empower Artisans and Disruptive Technology was discussed in length by Panish PK and Sri Krishnan V respectively from Bosch Innovation.

A glimpse of the speakers can be seen in this short video:

Video source credit: Bosch India

The highly knowledge filled and interesting visit to Bosch India Experience Centre was led by Mr. Ameet Rele from Bosch India Corporate Communications.

Check out this short video for an insight of the event.

Video source credit: Bosch India

By collaborating and leveraging synergies within and outside Bosch, combined with capabilities in integrating hardware and software, the company is well on its way on a transformative journey to become a leading service provider in the age of digitalization and automation.

Bosch in India

The Bosch Group operates in India through thirteen companies, viz, Bosch Limited, Bosch Chassis Systems India Private Limited, Bosch Rexroth (India) Private Limited, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited, Bosch Automotive Electronics India Private Limited, Bosch Electrical Drives India Private Limited, BSH Home Appliances Private Limited, ETAS Automotive India Private Limited, Robert Bosch Automotive Steering Private Limited, Automobility Services and Solutions Private Limited, Newtech Filter India Private Limited, Mivin Engg. Technologies Private Limited and Precision Seals Manufacturing Limited.

In India, Bosch had set-up its manufacturing operation in 1951, which has grown over the years to include 18 manufacturing sites, and seven development and application centers. Bosch Group in India employs over 31,000 associates and has generated consolidated revenue of about INR 19,204 crores* (2.61 billion euros) in 2017 of which INR 13,790 crores*(1.88 billion euros) was from third parties.

The Group in India has close to 18,000 research and development associates. In India, Bosch Limited is the flagship company of the Bosch Group with revenue of over INR 10,842 crores (1.47 billion euros) in FY 2017.

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