Do a Test not to Fall Ill

Let us be honest and truthful. When do we do a medical test; isn’t it when we fall ill and the Doctor prescribes it to be done.

For almost all of us, that is the truth. We do our medical tests as a compulsion just because our Doctor asked for it. In other words, a medical test is done only when we are burdened of our health.

Isn’t it time to rectify our wrong perception and to unburden our health; to do a test not to fall ill, and not only after we fall ill.

Our sedentary lifestyle or our work stress can seriously affect our health and fitness, whether we are a homemaker, a student, a labourer, a maid or a corporate employee.

Smoking, alcoholism, tobacco use, junk food, sugar cravings, excessive consumption of caffeinated beverages, aerated drinks, absence of physical exercise, anxiety and sleep deprivation are what we may resort to as stress relievers but they are surely not healthy options.

 It is the need of the hour that we proactively keep a close tab on our health with a preventive health check-up done at least once a year. It would help uncover and early recognise a silent disorder and catch it at an early stage for treatment before it grows into a complicated and advanced form.

Suburban Diagnostics has been making a significant contribution towards the overall betterment of healthcare, by being patient-centric and health-centric in their everyday approach since the last 25 years of their existence as pro-patient and taking a proactive rather than reactive approach to healthcare.

As a continuation of this noble endeavour, they have launched the #UnburdenYourHealth initiative. This initiative focuses on impressing upon patients as well as healthy individuals that regular and proactively done health check-ups can be a great tool for early recognition of silently developing disorders and preventing them from assuming a complicated stage.

As a front-runner in world class diagnostic services, Suburban Diagnostics has centres spread throughout the length and breadth of the country and you would be pleasantly surprised to find one just in your neighbourhood.

The entire process is as simple as taking a walk in the park. Right from the quick registration process at the reception desk to the time your blood samples are taken and you are out of the centre, it is just a matter of hardly a few minutes.

The best part is that unlike many other diagnostic centres, you don’t have to follow-up or wait for eternity to get your reports. The test results are mailed to you on the same day on your registered email ID and the intimation alert and the link to download the report are sent on your mobile as a SMS message. You have the option of even choosing to get the report sent to you on WhatsApp. Isn’t it as advanced and quick as it can be!

Suburban Diagnostics offers a multitude of test packages which one can choose as per one’s specific requirements. Specific tests for women are also available to check and detect women related ailments.

By unburdening one’s health this way by keeping a close eye on one’s health and catch any silent developing disorders at an early stage, one can ensure that they don’t grow into unmanageable or complicated diseases.

This campaign would help in reducing the burden of disease in society by making the masses aware about various health related problems and by stressing upon the importance of undergoing periodic and regular preventive health check-ups, it would translate into unburdening the entire family and then the society at large, from the avoidable and preventable burden of disease.


Do a test not to fall ill, not when you fall ill. Unburden your health today to live a worry free life tomorrow!

 Watch this video clip to know more.

 Caution: Please consult your physician to know the tests that you require.

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