Five reasons you should pursue an MBA in Energy trading

If you look around yourself, almost everything you see and rely on, today requires energy to manufacture and function- be it phones or computers of your office, the lights, and applications at home or the vehicles on the roads. We are living in a world where we need a constant supply of energy for our basic survival and the entire socio-economic system.

An MBA in energy trading differentiates itself from the competition as no other course has a different industry involvement. The program of energy trading involves a most of the global players from the energy sector. Following are the reasons why one should pursue an MBA in Energy Trading:

Developing management skills:

MBA candidates are usually young professionals having some work experience. An MBA in a specialized course like Energy Trading enables one to learn skills like; manufacturing, advertising, and selling of products keeping the company’s finances healthy, maintaining company’s positive image, gathering industry data and creating hierarchies that help the company thrive.

Getting an opportunity to learn from global industry experts:

The value of an MBA program depends on the quality of its faculty. Some of the world’s leading professionals contribute to the field by benefiting students through comprehensive expertise in core areas of the energy industry as well as providing an extensive understanding of the correlation in the global energy system.

Learning risk management:

Spreading risk through diversification is essential, especially for businesses operating in tensed markets, where future developments are hard to predict. In this program you learn on how you can make sure always to achieve the best results possible for your business when interacting with the outside world, for instance, negotiating with the clients or developing an internal leadership strategy.

Building huge business networks:

Energy trading is one of the leading global sectors of the world, where you get to interact with different kinds of people, therefore enhancing your business management capabilities. You also get to make connections between various world affairs and international events.

Higher pay for working professionals:

The average salary for an MBA graduate in the field of energy trading is a lot higher than an employee who has a regular master’s degree.

Expand your professional network:

Through an MBA Degree you get a chance to expand your professional network in the corporate set-up. You meet a lot of influential people on a daily basis and form professional relationships.

You are more knowledgeable in areas most important to your career.

The right MBA program can teach you the skills you must possess in order to succeed in your chosen career. Specialized MBA programs, i.e., those that offer concentrations, can be useful for people who are focused on a particular career or industry. On the other hand, do not underestimate the value of a general MBA program. General programs teach a wide range of skills that are useful in almost any job function or industry, which may be important if you are considering a career change.

An MBA in Energy Trading at UPES allows students to obtain a practical understanding of the underlying energy derivative structures used in trading, marketing, and risk management. The program exposes them to the best global practices in the field of energy trading including energy pricing and oil economics.

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