Foreign trade: The right career choice for you

Foreign trade, also referred to as Global Trade or International Trade, is the exchange of goods, services, and capital across global borders and territories. Usually, all the countries are dependent on each other, as no one can produce all the goods and services independently. Foreign trade allows each country to make the best use of their most abundant resources.

Today, trades are not just limited to the boundaries of their countries, they are reaching the global consumer at a much faster rate. The advantage one gets while joining international trade is that you get to become a steady learner, you work in a dynamic environment and you are able to face obstacles that empower you to make a real impact in the business you work for. International trade produces jobs at all levels, be it in production, shipping or business management.

To have a career in international trade, it is essential to do a course in foreign trade. UPES Dehradun is a university which provides a bachelor’s programme in foreign trade. The programme aims to develop knowledge about the fundamentals of foreign trade and its significance in today’s world. They provide education and help develop skills in trade procedures and documentation.

The career prospects offered by UPES in BBA in foreign trade are:

Export Houses

Third Party Logistics

Banks and Financial companies

Multilateral agencies and Consultancies

There is a growing requirement for personal skills in foreign trade. Choosing international trade as a career opportunity is a great idea as it has become a lucrative option that offers worldwide job opportunities for people pursuing this field. Not only that, international trade in India is on a rise along with its economy. There is an increasing demand for professionals in this industry and those who wish to set up an import-export business, a degree course in foreign trade and international business would be extremely valuable.

As more and more businesses expand globally, there is a pressing need for qualified individuals to work in the international trade business. Even in India, a domain like international business is in demand and with each passing day, it comes up with more possibilities and opportunities.


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